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Major League Baseball: Ken Griffey Jr.

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Major League Baseball: Ken Griffey Jr. on Nintendo 64

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two hidden teams. In the first Exhebition Press all !C! at the same time for a few times. If done correctly you will here a sound. | Submitted by Jose

While you are pitching throw a ball that doesn't look like a strike to the computer but is a strike. the batter shouldn't swing to perform this cheatcode. Now if someone is on first base, second base, or third base throw to the desired base before the catcher throws the ball back to the pitcher, and while you are throwing the ball with the catcher to the desired base keep on pressing the A button till the baseman hits the base a few times and then the runner should go off the base. But if the runner slides in to the base it won't work and you'll have to try again. | Submitted by Cheat Fanatic

When griffey is at bat, press left, left, right, right, right, left, left before the pitcher throws a pitch, griffey should point to the outfield with his bat. Finally make contact on the very next pitch and preto griffey's going yard. | Submitted by Jordan

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