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Cyber Tiger

Codes for Cyber Tiger - Nintendo 64

When you select your character, press the A button to edit the player. Highlight "Edit Name" and press the A button. Enter these names to get extra characters:

Character - Code

Little Mark in 70's outfit - Brat
Billy in "TW Fan" shirt - Cybertw
Elvis biker - Delvis
Ghost Miner - Golddgr
Vanilla Ice - Ice
Cindy - Instyle
Tiger in 70's outfit - Liltiger
Little Mark in 80's outfit - Marko
Tiger in 80's outfit - Prodigy
Kimmi - Rapper
Inga in flower power outfit - Retro
Tracy in leopard skin - Safari
Starr - Starr
A Bengal Tiger - Tigerrrr
Alien - Ufo
Billy in white shirt - Willi | Submitted by Dudeguy4

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