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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Cruisin USA running on Nintendo 64

Cruisin USA

Cheats & Hints for Cruisin USA - Nintendo 64

If you are driving in Iowa or Indiana and you zoom in, bugs will fly against your windshield. Now, if birds will fly by they will shit on your windshield.

To get the police car, school bus, or jeep, hold C-right+ C-up+ C-down on the car select screen(Note:this will not work on the car furthest to the right)

When you start racing, you are on the freeway. After the first two turns you have to see a broken car. If you hit this broken car, it will fly through the air and it will land just in front of the leading car.

In Beverly Hills you can drive against the palmtrees. Coconuts will drop down.

When you have entered your initials in the 'Hot Times' screen, scroll down to the bottom of the list. Hold L for 40 seconds. A designers head will show up and will say: 'I love this job'. When you race with the policecar or the schoolbus, and you press Brake twice and Gas once, the carlights will flash until you don't give gas.

Press z start and a.

To get this cheat you will have to hold these three buttons at the same time. Up C, Down C,and Left C. You will do this cheat when you are about to select a car. You will get a police car, Jeep, and a school bus.

Hold down L together with C-Left and C-Down. Golden Gate Park will replace US 101.

Hold down L together with C-Up and C-Right. Indiania will replace Beverly Hills.

If you played a two player challenge, the loser will lose his front wheel when you start turning your joystick in rounds. ( to the right, that is )

This trick works best when your in first, but it will work in any place except last. If an opponent or computer car is behind you and is trying to pass, try this: get directly in front of him to where he's almost touchin your car, then tap brake, but don't hold it down, he will crash into you and spin out and fall behind, and the impact from his car will push you forward. - Sent by [BrandonMoroney]

This code works just like the Flashing Lights Trick code. Be sure your name will be on the 'Hot lists'. Scroll to the end of the list and hold L for 40 seconds. A head appears in the screen. In each race, with each car you can obtain a nitro boost by pressing Brake, Brake, Brake, Gas, Brake and Gas.

Hold down L together with C-Right and C-Down. San Fransisco will replace Grand Canyon.

To race the secret courses you will have to press the following buttons and then press Start.

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