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Sims 3 Pets, The

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Sims 3 Pets, The - Nintendo 3DS

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First, there must be a boy and girl sim. They must be atleast friends to woohoo. Make sure they are not sleepy. Then, get them both to relax on a double bed. When they are relaxing, select the bed or the other sim. Select cuddle. They should start cuddling. After that, select the bed and select woohoo. Boonza!

Note: You need a bookshelf and you might lose the books you have purchased from the book store.

Step 1
Buy the cheapest bookshelf there is, if you don't already have one.

Step 2
Click on the bookshelf and select browse.

Step 3
Sell one of the books then go to buy mode.

Step 4
Click on your bookshelf and sell it and then click the redo button and go back into sim mode. This will double the amount of books in your bookshelf.

Step 5
Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until you have 100 or even 1000 of each book type in your bookshelf.

Step 6
Click browse and sell all of those books.

Do not forget the space in between Enabled and True. This will mess up the whole cheat. Anyway, type in the cheat, then hold shift, and press the mailbox. This will give you an advantage on picking jobs, re-boosting your sim's mood, and even making you be friends with everyone in town. This also involves some things like making your need "Static" (This means that they will never change. There is another option called Make Needs Dynamic, which makes your needs gradually drop as normal.)

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