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Pokemon Ultra Moon

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Pokemon Ultra Moon Walkthroughs

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Pokemon Ultra Moon Cheats

After completing all the grand trials, head for the Elite 4. You'll encounter Gladion on the way up the mountain. Once you beat him, he'll reveal that Lillie went to Mahalo Trail, where you first met her. When you go there, she'll let you battle and catch Lunala. Note that you can do this before or after you beat the Elite 4.

After you've beaten the Elite 4 and completed the Ultra Beast sidequest, another event will be automatically triggered the next morning. It's revealed that Team Rainbow Rocket has taken over both the Festival Plaza and the Aether Foundation, and they're being led by all of the major villains of the previous games in the series.

After beating the Elite 4 and finishing the Ultra Beast sidequest, go to Poni Meadow. On your way to Resolution Cave, you'll encounter Sina and Dexio. After winning a battle against the latter, he'll hand over a Key Stone and Alakazite, thus giving you initial access to the Mega Evolutions from Pokemon X and Y.

After beating Team Rainbow Rocket, go back to the Pokemon Research Lab. Lillie will thank you for your help, then ask to be your partner at the Battle Tree. When you select Multi Battle, she'll be one of the optional trainers.

After beating the Elite 4, return to the Game Freak office in Heahea City. Talk to Game Freak Morimoto, and he and Game Freak Iwao will challenge you to a double battle. If you win, you'll be awarded the Oval Charm, which increases the chances of eggs being found at the Nursery. You can also battle Morimoto and Iwao once a day afterwards.

Throughout the game, many Totem Stickers have been hidden. For certain amounts you obtain, Samson Oak will give you a special Totem Pokemon (which differ in that they have a larger model and weight, but otherwise are no different).

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After beating the Elite 4 and becoming the Champion, go to Poni Grove. When you enter, you'll be greeted by Hau and Wicke. The latter will congratulate you on your victory and give you Gladion's Type Null.

After beating the Elite 4 and finishing the Ultra Beast sidequest in Poni Grove, you'll be able to travel further into Poni Meadow. Look for Resolution Cave in the northwest, and go to its lower level. You'll encounter a level 60 Zygarde in its 50% Forme. Note that you can do this even before doing the Team Rainbow Rocket sidequest.

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