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Pokemon Sun

Obtain Zygarde

You can obtain Zygarde, the legendary Pokemon, by gathering his parts that are spread around the Alola region. You must obtain 100 parts, and then you will receive your reward. They are located in the indications listed below. If you must visit a location during a certain time of day, that time is listed in parentheses.

Tide Song Hotel
Route 4
Outside Dimension Lab
Left Side of Fire Trial
Route 7
Route 8
Route 8
Route 5
Diglett Tunnel
Akala Outskirts
Konikoni City - Inside house (Core)
Hano Beach - Parasol
Hano Beach - Lighthouse
Lush Jungle
Paniola Ranch (Night)
Paniola Ranch (Day)
Royal Avenue - Near Pokémon Center (Night)
Royal Avenue - Parking lot (Day)
Melemele - Route 1
Melemele Route - Tauros section
Your Room (Core)
Hala's House - Left side
Illima's House - Left side
Hau'oli Cementary (Day or Night)
Melemele - North motel
Outside Melemele Meadow
Kala'e Bay
Route 3 - Near tree
Outside Kukui's house (Day)
Iki Town - Near trial entrance (Night)
Trainer School (Night)
Hau'oli City - Outside Pokémon Center (Night)
Outside Ruins Of Conflict
Verdant Cave
Malie Garden - Left side
Malie Community Center
Route 11 - Near karate guy
Route 10
Malie City - Between 2 trucks
Route 12 - Near rock
Route 12 - Near Double Battle Punks
Secluded Shore (Day)
Geothermal Power Plant - Near sign
Route 13 - Near van
Route 14 - Right side of trial
Route 15 - Down the ramp
Aether House - Left room
Route 16 - Outside Pokémon Center
Ula Ula Meadow
Ula Ula Meadow - Before the right entrance
Route 17 - Inside police place (Core)
Route 17 - Along Tauros spot
Outside Po Town
Po Town - Yellow car (Day)
Po Town - Red car (Night)
Haina Desert - Near tree
Haina Desert - Near ruins entrance
Pokémon League Path - Near rock
Pokémon League Path - Left of the Pokémon Center
Malie City - Outer Cape near truck
KoniKoni City - Near lighthouse (Night)
Route 13 - Near Mudscale (Night)
Secluded Shore (Night)
Route 14 - Near fisherman
Hokulani Observatory - Left side
Tapu Village - Outside Pokémon Center
Poni Island - Inside Wailord Place
Seafolk Village - Vacant spot
Poni Wilds - Near rock
Poni Wilds - Near sign
Ancient Poni Path - Near well
Ancient Poni Path - Inside Hapu's House
Ancient Poni Path - Near statue
Poni Breaker Coast - Near statue (Night)
Ruins Of Hope - Before entrance
Ancient Poni Path Caves
Ancient Poni Path Caves - After bridge and near Digletts
Ancient Poni Path - Cliff
Ancient Poni Path - Entrance (Night)
Poni Grove - First area at the top (Night)
Poni Grove - Before exit to Poni Plains (Night)
Poni Plains - Near bush (Night)
Poni Plains - Tauros area (Night)
Poni Meadow Path (Night)
Resolution Cave Deep (Night)
Reolution Cave ^
Poni Coast - Near Tauros spot
Poni Coast - Between rocks
Poni Coast - Near Trainer and sign
Poni Coast - On bridge
Poni Breaker Coast - Behind rock next to water spout (Day)
Poni Plains - Near tree (Day)
Ancient Poni Path - Near window
Poni Wilds - Near ramp (Day)
Resolution Cave - Before the entrance (Day)
Aether Paradise Lower Levels - Near the second door
Aether Paradise Top Level - Up the stairs on the right side
Aether Paradise - Before main building entrance on the left side
Aether Paradise - Left side (Night)
Aether Paradise - Inside main building (under lamp on the right side

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