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Pokedex 3D Pro

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pokedex 3D Pro on Nintendo 3DS

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If you go to the Pokemon Challenge menu, press "Delete" on one of the quizzes (your choice on which one), then enter PHSKUTDF, you'll unlock a quiz that, upon completion, will unlock the Pokedex data for Genesect.


In the Quiz Numbers 37-39, you can enter a Keyword to enable various quizzes. Certain Keywords will unlock additional features; complete the quiz to access the reward.


Delete one of the quiz codes from #37 onward (it doesn't matter which) and enter the following code. Once you complete the challenge quiz created by the code, Meloetta's data will become available.


Get the indicated number of correct answers to unlock the corresponding bonus.


Enter UJFPJGAD as a code in quizzes 37, 39, and 39.

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