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Pilotwings Resort

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Pilotwings Resort on Nintendo 3DS

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Collect twenty white balloons to get twenty more seconds in Free Flight mode.
Go through all sixty gold rings to get more time in Free Flight mode.

Successfully complete all missions with a perfect score.

Collect all 75 Sight Rings in Free Flight mode.

Get a "3 Star" rank on all missions in every class.

Collect 30 I Rings.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding vehicle.

Cycle Glider: Complete all Gold Class missions.
Super Rocket Belt: Complete all Platinum class missions.
Turbo Jet: Complete all Silver Class missions.

Reach the indicated class to unlock the corresponding collectible in Free Roam mode.

Balloons: Silver Class.
Extras: Gold Class.

During the "Three Minute Glide" mission, the sound of Mario dying can be heard when you fly through the small village.

Get a "3 Star" rank on all Diamond class missions.

Collect 45 I Rings.

Earn a perfect score on all missions.

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