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Nintendo 3DS - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, The screenshot

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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, The

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, The on Nintendo 3DS

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Beat, individually, all bosses in Challenge mode.

Talk to Sheik to learn the prelude of light and unlock this, then beat the boss to fight it in Challenge mode.

After growing up but before talking to Sheik for the second time on the Time Temple to learn the Prelude Of Light, she will tell you that you can rest in your home to replay past battles. This allows you to fight any Boss at your house after they are first defeated during the storyline. To unlock the last challenge, which is all bosses in sequence, defeat them all in Boss Challenge mode.

When you are on the edge of the drawbridge to Castle Town when night falls, the drawbridge will rise with you on it. If you remain on it when the drawbridge is up, you can collect three Red Rupees (worth twenty Green Rupees each). Try to save this trick until you get a big wallet.

As a child, go to Kakariko Village Graveyard at night and do Dampé's Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour. Normally, a single Heart Piece is one of the random items Dampé can dig up. Due to a programming error, however, the process will reset if you leave and reenter the graveyard. The game won't register that you've already gotten that Heart Piece. As a result, it's possible to get as many Heart Pieces as you want from Dampé. Only the first twenty Hearts are displayed correctly, but the next three are given unique symbols on the touch screen. Note: Getting thirty Hearts will crash the game.

When you're a kid you can get the Hylian Sheild for free instead of wasting 80 rupees. First go to the graveyard in Kakariko village and wait for night. Then pull the tombstones that have flowers in front of them back and go down their holes. When You find the right one it will have a treasure chest inside. Inside that is the Hylian Shield.

This won't work unless you've already sold the Keaton mask to the guard outside of Death Mountain. Once you've done so, before getting the Skull Mask you can ask to borrow the Keaton Mask again for free. Once you've done so, leave the shop, go back in and ask to trade masks. You can trade the Keaton mask for the Skull mask (he'll say you have to pay, but you won't) for free! It even makes the sound of you giving him the rupees, but you'll still have all your money. The same works for the Spooky mask and the Rabbit hood, you just have to trade the mask that you sold before it.

While breaking out of your prison cell after getting captured, jump to the ledge on your left. Kill the guards and break the wooden boxes. Behind a box is a poster of Link from Skyward Sword.

At the start of either the first or second race, let Ingo get out in front of you. Then, start racing along the outside of the track without speeding up Epona. Eventually you will not hear Ingo whipping his horse anymore, because he disappears. Then, just ride to the finish line. If you do it on the second race, just repeat the process and you will get Epona. You may need to cross the finish line twice on the second race. Note: This does not always work.

First, get the scarecrow song as a kid. To do this, go to Lake Hylia as a kid through Zora's Domain. Talk to the scarecrow on the shore, the fist by the lake. Take out your ocarina and he'll want to play. Play a song you made and that's your song. Be sure to remember it. Next, you'll need the Longshot. To get this, beat Dark Link in the Water Temple. As an adult, go to the scarecrows and play the song for the first one. Piere will now appear where there is a green Navi but nothing there. Now, when the sun is rising, shoot the sun with an arrow by the Water warp point (with the Water Medalion on it. When the Fire arrows appear, go down the hill. Don't drop, just go to the edge. Play the scarecrow song to make Piere appear. Use the Longshot to hook on and grab the arrows. Good Job! P.S. The Fire Arrows light things on fire. Duh!

When you are a child, go to the fishing pond and start fishing like normal. Keep fishing until you get a fish that’s big enough to earn a heart piece. Instead of going to the fishing owner, go into the middle of the pond. Face towards the owner in the water and hold Z + R (lock and shield). Don’t let go and swim and run to him. Once you reach him, talk to him without letting go of Z and R. He’ll give you the golden scale instead of a heart piece!

This allows you to do many things early on. Such as entering Zora’s Domain without having to play Zelda’s Lullaby. Or getting the heart piece from the Lakeside Laboratory (letting you have both the scale and heart piece.)

If you continously kill the same type of monster, you will encounter a giant version of the type you've been killing. This works on Stalchildren, Guays, and Leevers.

Play "Zelda's Lullaby" or "Song Of Storms" when Navi goes to a random point and turns green. A golden fairy will appear and restore your health and magic.

In the past, there is a beggar in the Hyrule Castle Market that asks you to sell him things with C. In the future, that same beggar is relocated to Kakariko Village, which is perfect for arguably the fastest non-Skulltulla money trick in the game.

Behind the old lady's potion shop in Kakariko lies a grotto, and within it, a fish. Bring a bunch of empty bottles to the grotto, then enter and re-enter the grotto until you're able to fill all of your bottles with fish. The beggar will buy each fish for 100 rupees, and you can repeat this process as many times as you wish until your money is maxed out. This obviously works best when you have the Giant's Wallet and are able to carry a maximum of 500 rupees at a time.

This glitch makes it so that links sword always registers as swinging, and will also not allow him to walk off edges, perfect for invisible walkways. To preform it, you need to take out your sword (works with any sword) and crouch in front of an interactive object. Don't use a sign that can be chopped or a person, but anything else should work, including bombs. Jab attack it and quickly press A. You want to interact while the sword is extended. If you do it correctly your sword should look like it's slightly glowing. DO NOT SWING. Swinging will cancel the glitch, and you will need to do it again. The swords hitbox will now register as swinging and permanently do damage. If you put the sword away, backflip and press B in midair.

Play the sun song anywhere where there are zombies. They will freeze and be easier to kill because they won't attack you.

This will make the fish you catch with the Sinking Lure be legal, as if you had caught them without it. After getting the Sinking Lure, go to the fisherman and say to him "Let's talk about something else". He will then allow you to use the Sinking Lure, and the fish you catch with it will no longer be noted as being "Illegal".

Note: You will still need to find the Sinking Lure each time you come back.

Visit Zelda at Hyrule Castle Garden at the start of the game. Look in the window to your right when you walk in to see a mural of a Mario level.

Beat the game for the first time.

When you see the shadow/hear the sound quickly switch into first person view. the floor master will dissapear.

To not lose your tunic or shield when you are eaten by a like-like, put on the kokiri(green) tunic and the mirror shield. Since both of these are one of a kind and can't be re-bought,the like-like can't eat them.

If you want to easily catch really big fish in the fishing pond without having to spend countless hours, then make sure you have caught the "lunker" fish as an adult and have obtained the gold scale. Now go to the fishing pond and you will find a new lure in one of three places: 1.) in the feeder creek, 2.) in the grass around the perimeter of the area, or 3.) on the log jutting out of the pond. Once you find this lure, try fishing with it. It is irresistible to fish, so catching a 20 pounder will be no problem. However, if you set any records by using this lure, the fish you have caught will be noted as illegal on the aquarium and at the record board in Link's house.

Arrive at Lon Lon Ranch as adult and enter into Malon and Talon's House (Cucco House). Go upstairs and enter the bedroom. Approach the dressers and smash both two pots. Stand where the pots were located and look towards the dresser that is closer to the door in first person view. Look down to see a picture of Skyward Sword Link.


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