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Fantasy Life

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Fantasy Life on Nintendo 3DS

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This works only in single player. Right before an enemy attack hits, quickly go into the menu (via touch screen if you're fighting) and you'll here the sound effects of the attack. But once you exit it, no damage was done and you can continue fighting. Note that you can still get hit if you exit the menu while the sound effects are still going on.

When crafting any item, if you fail to press A at the correct table and your character falls to the floor you can immediately press B to stop time in the menu and allow your character to get back up.

Note: Origin Island required. After completing the main quest line Pam will begin to have a visitor. This visitor is the Exchange Clerk who trades Golden Lunares Coins for items. Pam will also begin to take requests. The reward for each request will be 2 Silver Lunares Coins. 4 Silver Lunares Coins can be exchanged for 1 Golden Lunares Coin by the old man. The old man can be found next to the Goddes Statue in the Rocky Hill Shrine area.

ItemHow to unlock

To enter a password, go to the Post Office and talk to the Password Clerk. All of the passwords are Case Sensitive.


Go to the Post Office building and speak to the Password Clerk (behind the counter on the right). You can acquire the items indicated below by inputting the corresponding (case-sensitive) password.

Angelic Outfit - I'm finished!
Butler's Outfit - Butting in
Cacto Outfit - Pokey pretender
Choco Mat - A little peckish
Cuddly Sea Turtle - Shell of a time
Cute Outfit - Exceedingly cute
Dancer's Outfit - Got the fever?
Demon Outfit - Fiendish fashion
Dragon Outfit - Fired up!
Elegant Outfit - Strike a pose
Fairy Doll - Dolled up
Festive Outfit - Forever festive
Festive Furniture Set - Just add cookies
Furlin Outfit - Fur couture
Frilly Outfit - Lace case
Halloween Furniture Set - Trick or Treat!
Heart Rug - Love-ly carpet
Honey Pudding - Reveria
Island Resort Decoration Set - Forgot my lotion
Laura's Hat - Hidden princess
Mysterious Outfit - Alakazam
Ninja Outfit - Masked Mercenary
Plushling Outfit - Pretty in plush
Paddling Pool/Sea Floor - Floating fun
Princely Outfit - Not charming
Pumpkin Outfit - Seedy deeds
Sailor's Outfit - Sailor's delight
Sheepish Outfit - Shear Comfort
Snow Outfit - Snow daze!
Snowman Outfit - Stay frosty!
Snowman Decoration - Wanna build me?
Soccer Field Decoration - Sports ball
Spring Indoor Decoration Set - Spring Cleaning
Spring Outdoor Decoration Set - Spring fling
Summer-Fun Outfit - Beach Bum
Summer Outdoor Decoration Set - Don Gero!
Sweet Furniture Set - Sweet Furniture
Teddy Bear - Un-bear-able
Toy Camel - Spittin' image
Witch's Hat - Witching hour
Yippee-Ki-Yay Outfit - Ride 'em cowboy
Yuelia's Outfit - Moonerfly magic

After reaching God rank with all 12 Lifes you can talk with Divinus to remove the Life restrictions of your gear.

Find out what class you like best. The coolest thing about Fantasy Life is that it doesn't restrict the player at all. If you want to focus entirely on combat, go ahead. If crafting is more your style, that's fine too.

Remember that you can switch classes at any time by visiting the Guild Master in Castele Square.

When you switch between classes, be sure to check your equipment. Sometimes items will be unequipped because a class can't use it, and you'll have to manually put it back when you change back again.

The game eventually allows you to respec your attributes, so don't fret too much about making mistakes when it comes to leveling up.

You can still craft items with material from storage, which really helps with inventory space.

Try to complete as many Life challenges as you can to increase your rank with a particular class.

Sell old equipment for more money. And don't forget you can also forge more equipment with other classes like the blacksmith.

Although you should do what you want in Fantasy Life, it's useful to rank up at least one combat class early on in your adventure.

To enter a password, go to the Post Office and talk to Aikotoba-san. When entering the password, characters in lowercase are hiragana, characters in all caps are katakana, and characters within brackets are small characters.


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