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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Crashmo - Nintendo 3DS

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After completing ten lessons in Crashmo Park, you'll unlock the Crashmo Studio. Doing so allows you to design or import your own puzzles.

After beating the game, you can re-watch the Finale cutscene and ending credits in the Extras menu.

After you clear the first challenge with a gadget, you will unlock that gadget in Crashmo Studio.

GadgetHow to unlock

Once you've solved all 100 puzzles in Crashmo Park, you'll unlock the B Challenges, which feature an additional 40 extra difficult puzzles.

Finish the 100th Crashmo, completing the story mode.

Finish the game once by clearing the 100th Crashmo and you'll be able to view the ending from the Extras menu. You will also access the Music Player.

Clear 70 levels (puzzles) to unlock Prototypes.

After you've completed twenty lessons in Crashmo Park, you'll unlock the Training option in Papa Blox's menu. This area contains dozens of extra puzzles that are not available otherwise.

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