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NEO Heiankyo Alien

Cheats, Cheat Codes for NEO Heiankyo Alien - NES

In the manual there is a hint for pressing a combination at the title screen to start NEO Heiankyo Alien with five lives. The hint reads as "DOWN ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? B" and next to it the big letters "ELS". If you hold the manual upside down, you will see the big letters as "573", which on the other hand can be read in Japanese as "KO NA MI". By this knowledge you know that it's likely the famous Konami Code, but since you had to hold the manual upside down, you have to enter the Konami Code in an opposite way as seen below. Success will be confirmed with a sound. After starting the game you will see just three lives as normally, but after dying once you will notice it's just a cosmetic thing and in fact have five lives.

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