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Destination Earthstar

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Destination Earthstar - NES

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Press Down and Select, then while still holding press B three times, all on Player 2's controller at any time during gameplay. After releasing all buttons thereafter, a sound will confirm correct code entry. Press one of the following combinations on Player 2's controller next for the named effect.


During a space-flight level, press A and B simultaneously, and do so twice. This will disable the background music. If you wish to do this in a planet-flight level, press Start, then A + B.

At the game over screen in the planet flight levels, you'll see the message "GAME OVER". If you press Left, A, and B simultaneously, the message reverses itself to "REVO EMAG".

During any level, on controller 2, hold Down+Select and press B, B, B. Release both buttons, then press A+Right+Start on controller 2.

If you are in the ''Star Stage,'' when doing the Level Skip code, you will repair any damage, and if you are in the ''Base Stage,'' you will gain 9 ships in reserve.

When you get a Shield in a planet-flight level, press A and B on Controller 1. Then press Up or Down and you can rotate the ship instead of sliding up or down.

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