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Zombie High Dive

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Zombie High Dive on iPhone iPod

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Zombie High Dive Cheats

The cost of bribing the judges depends on the competition. Only bribe them when you are confident that you can get a good score that end in a victory. After you bribe the judges, you will get an extra jump. Boss battles are much easier if bribes are used.

Watch advertisement videos to earn cookies that can be used to bribe the judges.

The higher you start your dive from, the more effect the wind will have. You will have to jump slightly more to the right when at larger heights. Lower jumps (for example, at 10 meters) are not affected as wind as much, and you can jump in the middle. The higher you start your dive, the more rotations your zombie can complete. If you only have to perform one rotation or less, wait slightly before tapping to start the rotation. If you start too soon, you may go over your goal. Once you begin rotating, your zombie will continue to slowly rotate after you stop. If you did not rotate enough, you can continue to tap before hitting the oil and rotate slightly more; it is usually better to rotate less than more.

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