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WWE: Champions

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for WWE: Champions on iPhone iPod

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As it is true with most games, you should never take on a new opponent before you’ve completely healed yourself from previous matches.

When it comes to classes, the concept is pretty much rock, paper, scissors. The only thing is that there are 6 types, so you need to learn how the circle goes. There are Tricksters, Technicians, Powerhouses, Acrobats, Showboats, and Strikers.

You should really have one wrestler from each class so that you can counter whatever opponent sends. Remember to enhance and evolve them whenever possible.

Keep an eye out on your opponent’s charging. Sometimes all they need is a single blow to put you down.

During Tag Team matches, certain wrestlers get bonus points when they work together, so try to think about the perfect combinations, or test them all out.

If you match four gems and loots, you will not only get a stronger move, but also some coins.

To get the greatest and the rarest wrestling superstars, you need a lot of in-game money, which you earn mainly by playing missions, so don't ignore them.

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