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World of Warriors

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for World of Warriors - iPhone iPod
Tapping on the pictures of your opponent's team before you enter battle allows you to see their stats, skills and special moves.

Always check how characters can benefit their team if put into the leader position. Keep in mind that you can get very different results depending on who is placed into that first slot.

Some special moves can cause damage not only to the fighter on the field, but to the entire team.

Once in battle watch the colors assigned to your warriors, opponents, and the color wheel at the top of the battle screen. This determines how strong or weak your warriors are against the other elements.

Side missions appear on the map with three different difficulty levels to choose from. They are great for gaining XP and other rewards to help strengthen your warriors before heading back to the main mission.

Training your warrior at Kirk's Camp is the key to keeping your whole team in top shape by gaining XP and allowing your warriors to level up.

Head into the Portal on a daily basis because the rewards will change on a daily basis and while each day delivers an essential material, winning a battle on Sunday rewards players with XP that can be used to upgrade any warriors of your choice much faster.

Compete in the Tower of Trials on a regular basis and if you collect enough points over the course of a week you could win great prizes, including those sought-after Wildstones.

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