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World Ends with You: Solo Remix, The

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for World Ends with You: Solo Remix, The on iPhone iPod

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Beat the game once to unlock 'Chapter Selection' on your 'Phone' menu. 'Chapter Selection' mode allows you to return to any part of the game and replay it with bonus objectives.

When you have defeated the final boss of the main story you can unlock a hidden secret ending by collectng ALL the secret reports in the game, this also inlcudes the one in 'Another Day'.

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding character icons will be added to your save screen.

Complete the first week.

Complete the second week.

Complete the third week.

Have ALL items (Books, Clothing, Stickers).

Mr. Mew:
Have every pin mastered.

Collect ALL secret reports.

Rhyme (Noise Form):
Fight every noise at least once.

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