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Words On Tour

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Words On Tour - iPhone iPod

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In a layout with bricks that are blocking your way, focus to create words around them to remove them as soon as possible. Blockers occupy space that could otherwise be used for letters.

When the bonus meter is filled, you will be awarded a special character that can be very useful. Save it use in a word of any length that either clears the longest possible line or allows you to access a difficult letter required to complete a phrase. Special characters will remain until used, so you do not have to use them until absolutely needed.


Although you can easily create two or three letter words, but they are not that helpful unless you are on a "create the phrase" level and require only one letter. Instead, create the longest possible words to earn more points and help complete levels. Spell longer words to fill the bonus tile meter faster. Once available, use bonus tiles to clear rows, columns, and diagonal lines of letters.

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