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Wipeout 2

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Wipeout 2 - iPhone iPod

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Complete the side quests in each level to earn coins and experience. Coins can be used to purchase power-ups. Play the course of the day to earn free coins. The goal of the course resets at noon. The more of your friends playing the course of the day, the bigger the reward will be. Use the Coin costume to earn 10% more coins.

You will always get free costume in a Mystery Box. Do not pay to get a speed costume. The difference in speed is negligible and not worth the cost.

Larger balls are difficult to aim at. Land on the far side of the balls or more towards the center. You can also go for safer spots on the next ball and skip the larger balls. Timing will be important. To navigate them correctly, you have to make sure your character drops precisely in the middle. Keep moving forward while in the air.

Slide downhill to end up moving faster.

Three power ups can be obtained.

Rewind Time: Used after a wipeout to continue.
Speed Boost: Allows faster movement. When used correctly, they can help you pass difficult obstacles quickly.
Teleport: Used to get past difficult obstacles.

You have to spend energy for each run. Energy will replenish automatically over time. To restore it instantly, advance the time on your device. When done, set the time back to its correct value.

Avoid the swinging objects. Although you can compete other players in your run there is no large benefit for reaching first or second rank. It is better to not getting wiped out by avoiding the various swinging objects.

Because each character can only participate in three runs before they must rest, the more characters you have the longer you can continue to play. Characters have Speed, Recovery, Slide and Air Control stats as indicated below. Each time a character levels up, you will gain one stat point that is automatically added to one of their stats.

CharacterSpeedRecoverySlideAir Control

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