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Will It Crush?

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Will It Crush? on iPhone iPod

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Tip 1: There are all sorts of upgrades that you can do in this game. They all do different things, but they all contribute to your crushing machine doing its job faster and more effectively. Speed is self explanatory. Power upgrades will cause more damage to be done to a cube each time it hits the spikes. The reducer will cut speed in half, double power, and double the price of each mineral. Gravity and Tooths are self-explanatory, as is Tooth Size. Marketing will jack up the price of every mineral.

Tip 2: You can earn far more in offline earnings than in offline earnings, generally, especially depending on your upgrade ratio. Buy all of the upgrades you need, then shut off the game for awhile and let it run its course. Then open it back up again and collect your offline earnings, do your upgrades, and then turn the game back on again.

Tip 3: You can use the time lapse cheat (setting the time ahead) to earn offline earnings right away, but the catch is that the offline earnings cap out at a specific amount for every level. So you can't just put the time ahead by 5 months and earn gigantic amounts of money right away. You have to let the level increase in order to increase the max on your offline earnings.

Tip 4: The selling of a rare mineral will happen randomly and when it does, you can hit the bonus button that pops up where the level-up button usually appears. These typically pay far more than a level-up. Whenever you collect bonuses, level-ups or offline earnings, you can watch an ad in order to double them.

Tip 5: You can get rid of the ads by paying a 2-dollar IAP, and you can still earn the other voluntary ad bonuses; it's just the involuntary ads that will disappear. Playing the game in airplane mode or with no data connection will also get rid of the ads, but then you won't have access to any of the video bonuses, either.


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