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Will Hero

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Will Hero on iPhone iPod

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The orcs can kill you if you make the wrong move, but if you make the right move, you can kill them even without a weapon. Run into them from the front to push them backwards, which will most likely send them falling right off of a platform. If you end up right under them, though, they'll smash you. If you end up on top of them, then you will bounce off of them, so you can use them to propel yourself up to higher platforms if you jump on their heads.

You'll pick up all kinds of weapons throughout the course of the level, each of which works a bit differently. Spears, for example, have an upward arc, while throwing knives and shuriken will fly straight forward. When you get a duplicate weapon, the weapon will level up, so you can do more damage to the larger orcs with it. Switch weapons by tapping one of the icons of a weapon that you have picked up.

After you rescue a character, you will be able to use them as a companion. For example, the first character that you will rescue is the princess. When you save her, you can then use her as a sidekick, and when you do, she will come equipped with a sword. When you are stopped, she will stop just ahead of you, and then she'll swing her sword at any orc in front of her. Use her to take out much larger orcs that you would normally not be able to knock out in one jump.

You can simply go straight ahead all you want in the level, but sometimes you can make it to a secret portion of the level instead. Pause in front of the large portal/doors and stand there until you get transported. Secret areas contain a significant amount of coins, but they are far more difficult than the main area. So use them for the challenge, or for a chance at unlocking possible secret characters.

As you beat levels and get farther into the game, you will earn chests, which can then be unlocked by using coins and then waiting for a bit. The coins are earned within the levels themselves, as well as when you rescue a character, and whenever you open up the king's chest. The chests open fairly quickly, so you don't have to wait too long in order to get your prize. You'll earn new outfits, which give you a new set of weapons to pick up in levels, as well as a bunch of other goodies.


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