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Watch Dogs Companion: ctOS Mobile

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Watch Dogs Companion: ctOS Mobile on iPhone iPod

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You can spend Heat Points to activate ctOS devices to slow down your target. Tap a traffic light to arm it. The ctOS device will trigger when the target is in range and cause a jam at the intersection. You can also tap blockers to close off routes or do a takedown.

Use the police helicopter equipped with a sharpshooter to hunt opposing players. Maneuver the helicopter by selecting the icon, then drag and drop it to a location. The sharpshooter will shoot your target once it is in sight. Keep the helicopter above your target to allow the sharpshooter to take shots. Note: To manipulate ctOS devices and police units, they must be within the Wi-Fi range. Opposing players can damage your helicopter by shooting or hacking it. Tap the "+" symbol to repair it, at the cost of some Heat Points.

Tap the "+" icon on a police patrol car to dispatch it. You can drag and drop the patrol unit to a location within the blue Wi-Fi range. Active dispatches cost you Heat Points and stronger units will cost more of those points. You can recall units to regain some Heat Points. Police units are also removed from resources when they are too far away from your target. You can deploy those units again by tapping the icon within the time limit.

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