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War Of Warlocks

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for War Of Warlocks - iPhone iPod

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Hint 1: Raise specifications of your spells with improvement routine.

Hint 2: Enhance raises the spell level and contributes to its attack and defense. Boost expenses gold and sacrifices other spells. The even more rare the improved spell is, the greater level it can get.

Hint 3: Touch the field in the middle of the altar to include the spell you wish to improve.

Hint 4: Touch the other fields (approximately 6) to include the spells you wish to compromise.

Hint 5: Verify your option touching Do it button and let the routine commence.

Hint 1: Morphing needs 2 copies of the very same spell.

Hint 2: Each spell can be changed approximately 4 times.

Hint 3: Stars demonstrate how numerous morphs have actually been carried out currently. Each habit costs gold.

Hint 4: The spell in the left will certainly be updated.

Hint 5: The spell in the right will certainly pass its specifications to other spell and afterwards will certainly be compromised.

Hint 6: The spell in the right need to run out stars then the updated spell.

Hint 7: The sacrificed spell will certainly pass 5 % of its attack and defense to the other spell. It will certainly pass 10 % of its specifications if the sacrificed spell has the optimal level.

Hint 8: Touch do it button and watch the outcomes when you are all set to start the routine.

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