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War Dragons

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War Dragons Cheats

Bringing two dragons to the breeder will display a list of the possible eggs they will create. After producing your first duplicate egg, you will unlock the Hall of Research. Use it to research passive bonuses for your town and dragons.

There are three different varieties of dragons. Additionally some dragons have passive abilities, which are usually defensive in nature, such as Archer Resist which reduces the damage taken from archer towers. Hunter dragons have a rapid tap fireball attack. They deal large burst damage on single targets. Their utility abilities Cloak and Evasion allow them to dodge some incoming fire. Use these dragons to destroy top-priority towers. Warrior dragons have high health and support abilities, such as Rejuvenate, Cure Poison, and Explosive Shield. Their flamethrower attack is slow, but does damage over a wide area. Use them to weaken the enemy's base for your other dragons. Sorcerer dragons have a lock-on attack that can hit up to three different towers. However their extremely powerful abilities require a lot of rage. Fireball lets you hit a wide area with big damage, and Invincibility is very useful against dense tower areas.

Farms can help against attacks. Productions farms, such as sheep farms or lumber mills can heal nearby towers. Storm Towers place a protective shield on nearby towers, making them invincible briefly.

Do not switch dragons unless you have to. The less dragons used, the more bonus flames awarded at the end of the attack. More bonus flames results in more experience, allowing your dragons to level faster. Using only one dragon gives you two bonus flames. Using two dragons results in one bonus flame. Using three or more dragons are worth no bonus flames.

Each tower has a special shot that has special properties. The Cannon Tower’s has a Flaming Cannonball which breaks all shield spells on a dragon. It is especially effective against Warrior dragons.

Send in your warrior Dragon in first when attacking a heavily fortified city, as they are a more durable type of dragons than hunter and sorcerer ones, so they can withstand heavy fire and thin out enemy ranks. Sorcerer dragons have a wide area of impact, meaning that they can damage multiple buildings at the same time, so they should be your prime choice when attacking a cluster of defense towers. You can become a member of a guild, and members of the guild help each other in both attacks and defenses. Use Evasion spell on your hunter dragon to make him fly over an island quickly and target the next one. The fewer dragons you use to complete a mission, the higher the amount of earned wood, experience, and food you'll earn. Red mage towers block and disables red spells, while the blue mage towers do the same for blue spells. Cannon towers break through any shield, even invincibility isn't invincible when you have them. Lightning towers amplify each other's power, so aim to group them together.

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