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Warbot Assault

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Warbot Assault - iPhone iPod

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Take advantage of your attack range. Use this while defending to catch your opponent off guard at a distance. Send out your defenders as often as possible in order to damage your opponent and take damage for you.

Hint 1: Tap to stroll and punch

Hint 2: Swipe left or best to run

Hint 3: Tap bottom of screen to assault low.

Hint 4: Press and hold to obstruct.

Hint 5: Tap top of screen to jump attack.

Hint 6: Swipe to call protector.

Hint 7: Stroll right to complete the stage.

Hint 8: Coins: Cash gathered throughout battles can be invested to powerup your warbot!

Hint 9: Immediate Fixes: Repair service damage to your warbot to continue the wonderful battle versus the enemy!

Hint 10: Justice mode active: Use justice even more to swiftly smash enemies for supreme magnificence!

Hint 11: Level Up: Every level up you get, you're stamina will certainly renew! You might acquire stat characteristics such as stamina.

Stamina decreases each time another robot is fought. It automatically replenishes over time. Advance the time on your device by enough minutes to completely recharge your stamina. Afterwards, set the time back to its correct value.

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