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Walls, The

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Walls, The on iPhone iPod

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You can collect gems in the levels themselves. Gems are used to purchase one of two things in the shop (represented by a shopping basket icon). You can either purchase a new ball, which is a different color than other balls, or you can purchase a new core for your ball, giving it a different design. Any purchase that you make costs hundred gems.

To get twenty free gems at a time, watch a video in order to earn free gems. The video link pops up randomly after you lose at a level, or you can go to the shop area and find the link. If you go there and the video link doesnít show up, that might mean that your internet connection is bad. If you have a connection and itís still not there, play a couple rounds and then go back to the shop area and it will pop up again.

You can tap the video icon as many times as you want in order to keep earning free gems. Five taps will earn you enough to buy anything; watch until the videos go away (if they ever do), and if they do go away, play a few rounds and then go back to the shop area later. When you go back, the video icon should be back, along with a bunch of new advertisement videos for you to watch.

During the early levels of the game, you can bounce off of the walls as many times as you want before tapping the screen to catch the next path. However, later on, after level ten, the walls will lower and drop if you bounce off of them too many times. So right from the get-go, it's best to try to aim for quickness, so that you can be ready when the walls start to drop later on in the game.

The speed of the ball often increases as you progress through the levels, so if you need some practice, go back to older levels and play them again (also a good way to collect gems without having to watch the videos). If all else fails, take a break for awhile, then go back to the game when your adrenaline levels are down, and you'll find it much easier to beat the tougher levels.


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