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Vlogger Go Viral

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Vlogger Go Viral on iPhone iPod

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Tap the coffee cup that randomly appears around your head while you are typing to boost your energy. Your next few taps will have double the amount of progress and possibly reward you with diamonds, the game's premium currency. You will occasionally get an option to watch a short video advertisement to get a free hyper coffee break. A button will appear at the top right corner when this can be done. Hyper coffee breaks are similar to other regular coffee breaks, except that they boost your progress taps by three times.

After publishing a video, comments will start to appear. Read them to see if they are becoming popular and learn which topics are trending. Make your next video on topics that are gaining interest in the comments, as indicated on the little icon in the comments.

Rapidly tap with two fingers in a "V" position to gain the most progress and spend less energy.

When you publish a video on the highest trending topic, your video will become viral, earning a 40% coin bonus. If you publish with a smaller amount of trend, the coin bonus will instead be 20%.

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