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Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers on iPhone iPod

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Complete the indicated task to solve the corresponding puzzle.

Physician, Heal Thyself
This requires one villager (adult or child). To the left of the enclosure, across the stream, is the science lab. Just south of the lab is the hospital, which is guarded by the Pain Totem. In the hospital are some blue mask heathens and a purple mask heathen who is sick. Set one of your children or adult to healing, then drop them on the purple mask heathen until he or she is healed. Once the purple mask heathen is healed, he or she will convert and join your village. You now have an extra adult to work, and one who is also an experienced doctor.

Food, Glorious Food
This requires at least one adult villager. Your villagers will appear inside a flimsy bamboo enclosure. Set your adults to building and drop them on the bamboo. They will start tearing it down to build a food bin. When the food bin is finished the puzzle will be solved.

The Hungry, Hungry Totem
This requires bees, an adult builder, and a child for distraction. Above and to the right of the enclosure is a Noni bush. There is a Hungry Totem in front of it. In order to get food from the bush, you must get the guards away and tear down the totem. Use the bee power on the bush. This will increase the number of Noni berries and temporarily drive away the Red Mask Heathen. Once the heathens near the bush run awaym use a child to distract any orange masks in the area. Then, drop your adults on the totem to tear it down. Keep the orange guards away and keep your adults on it until the totem collapses. This will happen fairly quickly. Once the totem is gone, the red mask and the orange mask will go elsewhere. You can now harvest food.

A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing
This requires Bees or Lightning power, adult builders, and children for distraction. The totem is guarded by one or two orange masks and a red mask. The red masks will not chase your villagers. You need something that will distract both types of guards. The easiest for doing this is with the lightning power, which is 100 energy. If you have this ability by this time, use it. If you do not, then use the bees. Hit the totem with lightning and the guards will run away. As soon as they are far enough, drop every adult you have on the totem to dismantle it. Orange guards may return early or appear from the lab. If they do, distract them with children while your adults are tearing down the totem. If the red guard returns before you finish, move your adults back to farming or building and let your energy build again. You can accelerate this process by double collecting relics. Hit the totem with lightning again if necessary, then finish pulling down the totem. Once the totem is gone, the guards will leave and you can access the lab.

Organic Farming
This requires Construction level 2, a Master Scientist, a Master Builder, and other builders. Turn your attention to the farm and the broken aqueduct to the north of the lab. Drop your master scientist on the aqueduct and they will start to supervise the work. Drop a Master Builder to start construction, then any other builders you also have. Once the aqueduct is repaired, the farm will be ready. As you have the Master Scientist and any builder, and not a Master Builder, will suffice. At this point, the purple masked farmer will convert to your tribe and drop a piece of the necklace. Have a child pick it up. It will require two hours in fast speed for the food to grow, but you can make it bloom instantly if you have the instant bloom "godly" power.

Dem Bones
This requires that the "The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall" puzzle be solved and several builders. Once the Blocking Totem from "The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall" is gone, wait and the heathens will drift away to other places. You can then drop builders on the mausoleum to clear the blockage. Towards the end, the purple mask heathen who sits by the mausoleum may try to put the blockage back. Do not worry about it, and just make sure that there are three or more builders clearing the rubble.

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall
This requires at least three Master Builders, Lightning power, and children for distraction. You must take down the blocking totem, which guards the entrance to the mausoleum. Drop at least one Master Builder on the totem to start taking it apart. Once you start to work on this totem, the guards and others from the mausoleum will try to rebuild it. Your builders will run away. Make sure they do not go far. Once the totem is surrounded by the guards, hit it with Lightning. When they run away, drop your builders back on it to tear it down. If any orange guards return early, keep them distracted with a child. When the red and blue masks return and start repairing the totem, hit them with Lightning again. When they leave, bring back your builders and keep tearing it down. Repeat this as needed until the totem is gone.

Kids Do the Darndest Things
This requires six children under the age of 14. There is a Hollow Totem beside the dry lake. Your builders cannot take it one down. You must stuff it with children. Notice the five holes. Five children can fit comfortably in the totem. A sixth will cause it to collapse. Drop children on the totem and wait until they go inside. When the holes are filled with eyes, drop the sixth and the totem will collapse.

Go Speed Racer, Go!
This requires a Adept or Master Builder, Time Warp power, 500 energy, and the Purple Masked Master builder to be sitting in the area. To the right of the blocking totem are two small areas that look like building supplies. To convert the purple mask master builder, beat him or her at a building contest. The purple mask master is very fast. The purple mask master also tends to wander, so you cannot do the challenge until he or she is sitting below the challenge area. Bring your Master Builder to the area. Use the Time Warp powers on him or her, and they will speed up. Drop the builder immediately on the left pile of supplies, and he or she will quickly build an object. If you finish first, the purple mask will convert to your tribe. The necklace piece will actually drop near the statue, near where the other three pieces of the necklace are found. Drop a child on the piece and they will bring it to the rest of them and assemble the necklace.

The Lady In The Lake
This requires: 1,200 energy (done in stages), Tempest power, and Revive power. Go to the dry lake area and trigger a Tempest storm. Then, trigger a second one while there are still puddles in the dry lake. After two storms, the lake will fill up. Note: If you do not have the capacity to do two storms in a row, you can still do this by waiting until after it rains and there are puddles in the dry lake, then trigger a Tempest. Recharge to 600 energy to use the Revive godly power on the lake and the fish will come to life. Your farmers can now fish. Unfortunately, until you convert the orange and red masked heathens, they will interfere with your farmers as they pass by their village.

Pain, I Can't Get Enough
This requires Lightning power, at least 100 energy (300 recommended), and several builders. The Pain Totem has no guards, but gives off electricity so that no one can touch it. Hit the Pain Totem with the Lightning power, then drop your builders on it to take it apart. If its power returns, hit it with Lightning again and finish demolishing it.

Over The Rainbow
This requires a Clothing Hut (level 2 Science), two or three random adults, and several builders. There is a Rainbow Totem that guards the hot springs pools. After the Clothing Hut is complete, three dye pots will appear at the top of the screen, to the right of the pool and above the farm. You can use these to drive all of the heathens out of the pool long enough to take down the totem. You need two or three adults to take dye to the pool. Drop the first adult on the yellow pot and wait until he or she picks it up and starts towards the pool. Then, drop the second adult on the red pot. Do not wait for the first one to reach the pool; if you do the yellow dye will wash away before the red can get there. Watch the adults drop first the yellow, then the red dye into the pool. The water will turn orange and the heathens will leap out. This also works with the colors in the order of the totem: red, yellow, and blue, but will require 3 adults. When the heathens leap out, drop your builders on the totem to take it down. Repeat the step with the dyes if the heathens return before you can get the totem down. This will clear the heathens out of the pool. At this point, the only place they can go is the broken down village in the southeast corner of the map.

The Proof Is In The Pudding
This requires level 2 Science (back of the lab must be rebuilt), and a Master Scientist. After you purchase level 2 Science, the lab cleans up a bit and there is a large "blackboard" on the back wall made of animal skins. Drop a Master Scientist on this board and they will proceed to write a mathematical proof. If they are correct, the purple masked master scientist will celebrate, then walk over to the mat and sit down, thinking. You can tell they are thinking by the light over their head. Wait for the light to go out, which requires an hour or two depending on the game speed. When they are no longer thinking, repeat the process with a Master Scientist. Wait again and repeat the process a third time. After the third time, the heathen will convert. The heathen will drop a piece of the necklace. Have a child pick it up.

Talk To The Hand
This requires level 3 Construction, level 3 Spirituality, and builders. Once you have the levels of technology, start dropping your builders on the statue and they will complete it. Once the statue is completed, it increases your maximum energy level. You can also drop builders on the completed statue to polish it. This will give them building experience.

There Are None So Blind...
This requires the mausoleum to be completely cleared ("Dem Bones" and "The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall" done), random adults, and fire in the fire pit. When you have finished clearing the mausoleum, a shallow pan will appear on the steps. Drop an adult to pick it up. The adult will take the pan up the stream and drop it near the mysterious pot, halfway between the food bin and the science lab. Drop an adult on the shallow pan and they will start to pan for gold. If they are successful, they will fill the pot a third of the way full of gold. Keep dropping adults on the pan and panning until the pot is full. When the pot is full, drop an adult on it and they will take it to the fire. Wait a bit, and the gold will turn into a large orb. When it does, drop an adult on it and they will take it to the Blind Totem at the edge of the forest. When they put the eye in the totem, the hidden section of the forest will clear and you will see the chief.

The Big Kahuna
This requires conversion of all of the purple masked masters ("Physician, Heal Thyself", "Organic Farming", "Go Speed Racer, Go!", and "The Proof Is In The Pudding" puzzles completed), all pieces of the necklace, and several children. After each of the purple mask conversions, have a child take the piece of the necklace that they dropped to the statue. The child who brings the last piece will assemble the necklace. This necklace belonged to the chief's daughter. Once the necklace is complete, drop someone (adult or child) on it to take it to the chief. The chief will convert and join your tribe. The former chief is a master in all six specialties.

My Mommy Is Stranger Than Your Mommy
Note: This is an extra puzzle that will only appear in games sold in the first few weeks directly through Last Day of Work. It requires at least three nursing mothers, and children to distract the orange guards. Notice the heathen "mother" sitting in the ruined village in the southeast corner of the map. The "mother" is almost never alone. The guards are always there except when they are drawn away or when it rains. Distract the guards away and drop a nursing mother onto the "mother" to talk to her. Wait until the "mother" is listening, then drop another nursing mother to talk. Again wait, then drop a third nursing mother. Have all three mothers to be talking to the heathen "mother" at the same time. At this point she will convert.


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