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Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House - iPhone iPod

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You should choose a little person who is a soap inventor (690 master salary), carpenter, builder or wood sculpter! to advance them, just drag them over to there work area, praise them 3 times (they will runway, but drag them back) do that ten more times. Even if you are away, they will most likely work on career.

When your peoples action says "Trying to make a baby" press the green glove and give it to the man and woman once or twice. You will see sparkles and not a rainbow. If you only give it to one person, you will not see a baby pop into the moms hands. This also works with No way people or not really. It works with all people, except kids.

If you see a collectable in your yard drag your person to the collectable it will say either found a new collectable or selling collectable online and they will start walking to the house drag them anywhere and the collectable will disappear and go right in with the rest of them so you don't have to wait for them to walk all the way back to the house. You can also do this when taking out the trash just drag the person away from the garbage once there action says taking out trash then it will dissapear and you will have no trash in your garbage

When they get underfoot (during meals) I discovered that you can place them in the wading pool and they can't get out, and also, on the left side of the screen, there is a bunch of pink/orange flowers... put them behind them and they are stuck there.

This cheat is about how to cure all the basic illnesses. It will be organized like so... (Illness in real life), (action), (movement (nm= no movement), (sound, if any (Ns= no sound),(medicine), (cost)

Sore throat, throat doesn't feel right, waving, groaning noise throat lozenges, 25 coins

Stomachache, stomach hurting, on the floor, hand on stomach, moving slightly, groaning and moaning, peptic syrup, 65 coins

Headache, Oww. head hurting, waving, groaning, Anti-inflammatory pills, 35 coins

Allergys, Sneezing, jumping violently, sneezing sound, antihistamines, 25 coins.

A cough, cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, ect., cant stop coughing, jumping a little, coughing noise, antitussive syrup, 45 coins (I think!!!)

Rash, poison ivy, ect., Itchy, dancing weirdly, Ns, crontsive cream, 25,35, or 45 coins.

Basic things about all sicknesses:

The status bar will say sick, or a bit sick on it.

When the sick person is picked up they will make the sound of the sickness loudly in thier voice (I.e, old men will do their sound low, little girls will groan much higher)

If all else fails, and my guide is a piece of garbage (which I hope it's not :) then doctor consultations are always available at all generations at the bottom of the food and medicine catagory for 475.

If they shake thier heads it means you gave them the wrong medicine. Whoops!

Hint: I find that when you want to cure someone, you should give them medicine while it says the sickness description. That way it can't have changed, so you won't waste 40 or so coins.

Do not set your device more than two years because I did five years, and your house gets dirty. Your players get sick. Yes, you win coins but you will have to spend money to make them feel better. But because of this cheat to fast forward time. I thought it would be best to reset the game.

It's nice to go ahead in the time and date to get more cash but beware! Your family is sick and depressed and you do not get new items from the flea market or the sale items furniture section.... Also, your clothing does not change you have the same clothes for a very long period of time. To make more money quick stay in real life time but make sure you adopt someone who makes $15 if you chose someone who makes more you will not get as much. Once you adopt the person who makes $15 make them work on their career and praise them mpre than 10 times even when they eun away make them start over again and praise them. Once you hes one this make sure to get married with someone and have a baby as soon as you can. Once child is three years old, do the same this with your spouse (making them work and praising them more than 10 times). Make sure your family is fed, happy, and well rested and don't check on them for a few hours you will notice they get promoted faster and your money will increase a lot faster and you don't lose out on flea market items.

Everyone thinks some items are cool. But some items are really stupid. Here's a list of things that you should NOT buy because they are a waste of money.

Carousel - does absolutely nothing
Yoga mat and ball- you can't use it
Anti spam software- It can cause no marriage proposals
Pets- Sorry pet lovers, but all you go with them is pet then and they walk around aimlessly.
Roll the dice- expensive, and sometimes it's s bad event.
Tables from dining room- You do not use them at all.
Towels- they're pretty but useless.

If you get a notification that your fridge was unplugged all night and it asks you weather or not to throw out the food, throw it out. If your people eat the food they will get sick all the time and it will use thousands of dollars to get them better.

So if you are running low on coins and you are scared about changing the date then here is a quick and easy tip. all you do is wait until you have a collectible you already have and make sure you have 2 people near/next to it. Then put one person on it and whilst they are picking it up put the other person on it and they will both carry it. if you want to save more time then move your people and you will still get the coins.

When your person is a bit blue, check the fridge. Give them groceries and they should then change. If not, I apologize.

If you are new and have no idea how to change their feelings of: "not feeling fresh" , dont worry! Just drag then to the shower or give them a small towelette from the flea market. Easy! They should change.

Also if you are new and they are hungry, drag them onto the dining table/island that's built in. They should then say preparing a meal and wait for then to set the table. Then drag all your family to the table for them to eat. They should say sitting down to a meal.

If they are depressed, praise them and/or give them a treat. Whether the dirty candy or bananas, it should work.

If they are elated, don't worry. That's good! It means proud or happy.

If they are a bit sick, don't waste your money on every medicine or that stephescope, either. Instead, drag ten to an empty space until they something unusual in the actions bar, like cant stop coughing or sneezing or itchy or upset stomach or head hurts. Then look through the medicine in the store until you find sown thing that sound like it would help. Throat longitez or that red/brown/maroon bottle that says respitory problems should help sore throat or coughing, the Advil thingy should help headaches, cortisone should help itchy, the pink bottle is for upset stomach, and the little white bottle without the green labels is for sneezing.

After trying to make a baby and the baby appears in the mother's arms, you can instantly find out the name, gender, likes, and dislikes. You just go into menu, then family. Find the generation you're in and you can see the baby's name. You can click on the picture of their face to see their likes and dislikes. You should be able to tell gender just by looking at the picture.

When you have one person living by themselves, they will receive match making emails on their computer. Before reading the email, make sure you know your person's job, likes and dislikes, kid feelings, etc. Do not download the anti spam software, as it will block these emails. You are matched with that person mainly by age. This list of important and not important things will tell you wether or not to accept.

Not important in a partner:

Cloths/ looks:
Esily changeable and not a super important characteristic. This goes for name too because they all have weird names.

Likes and dislikes
As long as they do not connect to your person's likes and dislikes, they don't matter.

Children feelings
Though slightly important, just as long as one of the spouses want a kid, they will most likely have one. I had a couple where one said no way and the other said maybe but they still had 4 kids. Worst case you could adopt, or get them cocktails from the flea market to motivate them.
Important in a partner:

This is a big one. Try and get a spouse with a job that pays at least 45 coins in the beginning. It is helpful if your person and their spouse work in the same room because they can share recourses. It is even better if your spouse and your person have the same job because you achieve a goal. And lastly, don't get a bad job like a ketchup bottler!

Money in bank
Really with this one, the more the better. Try for at least 200, minimum 125.

Hope this helps you pick the perfect spouse. Don't reject too often, because proposals only come so often.

Actually the things that may occur are as followed:

Dryer Lint is Burning = drag one of the adults to the workshop as you will see something red under the bench at the top. That is the extinguisher. Drag your adult to the extinguisher.
Stove is on fire = Same applies
Bathroom sink is leaking = Drag an adult to one of the workshop benches.
Kitchen sink is leaking = Same applies
Internet Router is broken = If you look at your router and the light is red instead of green, it is broken. Drag an adult to it and they will fix it.
Ants are in the kitchen = If there are ants in the kitchen DO NOT STEP ON THEM! They will not go away. Instead, there should be some brown weird funnel looking thing on the counter that looks like a bee's nest. Its actually cinnamon. drag an adult to it and they would do the rest.

There are four possible things that may occur. They are a leaking kitchen/bathroom sink, a stove that is on fire, ants in your kitchen that keep coming and going, and a clogged shower. I know how to fix all of them. First one go to the work room below the bathroom and place your person infront of table with the hammer on it, i it works it will say "fixing sink". Second one, go to the same work room. Next to a table you will see a fire estinguisher. Place your person in front of that an it will put out the fire. Third one, you will see a brown pot on your table next to the sink that you have never seen, place pur person in front of that, then once they are done with that next of the harbage can outside is an orange blob use that to finish tge ant repelent. And last one, it is the same instrutions as the sink. If you place your person infront of the tools and it doesn't just try again and again.

If you want to put out a fire, go to the workroom (the room at the front left of the house) there is a fire extinguisher there. put a man or woman. ive never tried woman, ive only tried man. Try both. So put the person on the fire extinguisher over and over again until it says putting out fire or something like that. remember to praise them!! (touch the green clove then tap them! Praise the fire putter outer!! If the sink is leaking or the toilet is clogged, go to the workroom again and put a person on the edge of the table over and over again until it says fixing the clogged toilet or fixing the leaky sink.

Instead of having to wait to get loads of money you can use this trick. When choosing a person look at their job discrition and try and see if you can find a carpenter. Then they can build rooms in their house for free.

When you first get your little people (it probably will work better before you have children for the women because the women cannot work while carrying a baby.) anyways, you take your little person to the office, kitchen or workroom, depending on where they work. Then after their action is "Working on career," praise them three times. On the third time their action should be "Running away." Drag them back and repeat ten times. Now, even when you're not on, they will be almost always working. On my last generation I made 20 000 dollars in one day because she was a master (level 8) and her salary was over 300/hour + extra $10 every minute.

Honestly using this trick... I love this trick because I tried the trick where you skip ahead years, well it didn't work for me at all, I lost money because I didn't get anything from the trick, and they were all 10 years older and one of my triplets was gravley ill and it cost me $8000 to heal him, so that trick is just a bad idea.

Then I thought...if they worked a lot... Maybe they would level up faster to get more money. So I kept praising them and praising them, went off, two hours later one of my little people had gone from level one to level five and was now making over $200 as appears to $75 an hour.
I make a lot of freaking money doing this. All my rooms are renovated. I have 300k in my bank. As for the food thing, you can either make it fill up on its own by buying a 99 cent power up in the store that never let's your people starve, or you can buy it. If you have over 300k, you can easily buy your own! So try this trick. I've been doing it for 18 generations. There's no risk.

If your pets are always in the way or you have too many of them, you can make them temporarily hide. They will, however, come back when you tap their food bowl. What you do is tap on each one about 3-4 times really fast. Usually when you tap on them they change position but if you keep tapping they get annoyed, walk away really quick, and go hide in the bushes. Not sure how long they stay gone. My 2 cats went in the top left bushes and my dog in the top right bushes. When they disappeared I taped the bushes and they showed up again.

So you want to carry on the Virtual Family name, you want to have a baby, well if you just started a marriage this be easy. Start by dragging a person to a bed, wait till' you see action " Making bed" then when he or she is done, okay this is the part that's hard, quickly drag the other person to the one who made the bed. Make sure the couple is close to the made bed, otherwise they will be tired and you will have less chances of having a baby. If you had very recent birth this may not work.

When your starting a new generation, and you are waiting for marriage requests via email, here are some things to do to get more marriage proposals.

Clean up the house so that there are no dirt spots, wrappers, or socks.
Pick all the weeds, and gather all the collectibles.
Take a shower, then get off for 20-30 minutes. You should have your first proposal.
If you get a proposal, but reject the person for whatever reason, do the same things then have them work on their job then get off for about an hour.
If that proposal doesn't work out, then do the same thing and wait 2 hours, then 4, 6, etc.

Note: take advantage of first 2 proposals. They will most likely be your best bet.

Getting Paid- 100 coins. Make your peeps work, sell collectables.
Bring home the Bacon-1000 coins. Same as above.
Mind on Money- 10,000 coins. Same as above.
Trump this- 100,000 coins. same as above.
An eventful week- 10 emails/house events. Every once in a while a little yellow envelope flashes in the top right corner of the screen. This is an email. Drag a peep to 1 of the computers. House events appear as soon as you log on. They have two choices, and fill the entire screen.
Never a dull Moment- 50 emails/house events. Same as above.
Marry rich- When you get a marriage proposal (through email) you accept when they have more then 370 coins in Thier bank. If your not getting a Proposal, wear perfume. It's at the flea market.
Marry for love- same as above except they have less then 150 coins in the bank.
Perfect Match- When you get a proposal, the person asking and your other person will have the same job.
Oh, baby- you had a baby. Place an adult on another adult and they should either say Embracing, Arguing, or trying to make a baby. Try again if They don't say the last one. Tip: make sure the house/yard is clean and both parents are happy and healthy.
Oh, baby baby- you had twins. Same as above, except instead of 1 kid, you got 2.
Ohhhhh dear- you had triplets. Same as above except that instead if 1/2, you had 3.
4 is enough- you had 4 kids total.
No vacancy- you had 6 kids total. Note: you can only have 6 kids.

When you open your little peoples' child... you will see a upgrade me... there you will see an "BOARDING SCHOOL" and YOU need to pay for it... but when you're child become 18-19 they will go to collage...for free ( i think)... so don't send your child to BOARDING SCHOOL! this might help... (a little) but for me it's big enough

This is a tribute to every one who like my last hint: 'use the red glove well.' Get twins and triplets: to get twins and triplets, have two people who really want children and while their trying to have a child, keep giving them the green glove, not too much though or it'll say that you're nagging and it won't work. Get chores done quickly: to get chores done quickly (e.g. Showering, tacking out the trash etc.) put them on the job, give them the green glove twice and wait till their done half way (it may not seem it but its quicker) then remove them from the job. It'll be done.

There are 4 things that can go wrong. They are;

- Fires (oven and dryer).
- Leaks (sinks).
- Clogged stuff (toilet and shower).
- Ants (kitchen).

Here's how to fix them!

1. bring your person to the fire and make sure it says under action " is burning!"
2. keep them like that for about 15 seconds
3. drag them to the upper left table in the workshop. There should be a fire extinguisher there.
4. place adult on it. If it doesn't say "putting out fire" try again.
5. they will put out the fire!

Leaks/clogged stuff
1. put them by the leak and wait for 15 seconds while their action is "the sink is leaking!"
2. drag them over to the bottom workshop table and they should say "fixing (leaky/clogged). (."
3. try again if they don't
4. they will fix the shower/toilet/sink!

1. when ants appear, put any person on them and they will say stomping ants.
2. praise them and you will get a goal and 25 coins.
3. place an adult on the brown pot on the counter in the kitchen.
4. they will "prepare cinnamon ingredient"
5. once they are done, drag that same adult onto the orange-yellow thing by the bins by the gate.
6. clear every person out of kitchen otherwise you will not get rid of ants
7. they will "finishing ant spray"
8. the ants will be gone and never come back!!!
9. plus you'll get a goal and 50 coins!

How to fight depression and keep them happy!

1. Adults are easy. Depression comes when spouse/child dies, too true, too true. But this trick does double the awesomeness, because in addition to your friends happiness, you make TONS of money! you may have heard this cheat before but ill repeat it. Place adult on workspace, praise three times. They will say "stop nagging!" And will run away. Drag them back to the workplace and repeat until desired happiness level. As a matter of fact, you could place them anywhere, like the tv, piano, bed, kitchen table, ect., but now your peeps will work for you when you aren't playing. Also, candy, fruit, promotions, house upgrades, new furniture and a clean house will help.

2. Kids are a bit harder. The ALSO from above (candy, fruit, promotions, house upgrades, new furniture and a clean house) helps, and also tickling, stories, and movies help, but the same method as the parent can be used. Make sure the kid is doing something good, like playing quietly or reading a book, and not something like digging a hole to China and other bad stuff.

How to fight Sleepiness, FAST
There are two easy methods for this:

Method No.1
1. This only works for 3rd gen and above, they can buy a hammock.
2. Buy a hammock.
3. Repeatedly make them relax in it.
4. When they are back to normal, have them switch off with other family members to keep them awake.

Method No.2
1. This works for all generations.
2. Same as above method, except with a chair or couch.

Also, try not to let them use to much energy. Make them read, play quietly, watch tv, ect., not have them play in the dirt or play train or work or anything.

How to fight Hunger
1. To keep them alive when you're not playing, aim to keep fridge stocked to around 1000 units of food.
2. I've discovered this: ORGANIC GROCERIES DO NOT MAKE YOU HEALTHY. Nor does a variety. So go ahead. Buy the 20 coin grain bag and live life to the fullest.
3. Making meals is SOOO unnecessary. I haven't made a meal since they were all starving after I went to camp for a week without my iPod, and that was on my 5th generation (I'm on 16th). Only make meals when theyre statving, ok? Just buy food from the flea market or make them heat up food/look for snacks when they get hungry. Just make sure when you feed them food from the fm, its 1. Good fruit or good candy (no imported, dirty, or salty candy) 2. They are doing something good (like working or playing).

How to tolerate bad behavior
1. Kids usally misbehave around ages 6-9.
2. To stop the behavior, simply scold them (or give them BAD candy(BC) and (this is important) pick them up AFTER THYRE ACTION IS NOT RUNNING AWAY. Otherwise the message won't sink in. Then praise them or give them GOOD candy(GC) for doing something good.
Tip: to keep happiness levels the same, do BC with praising and GC with scolding.
3. Try to avoid having your people do any of these below actions (-= unless hungry, z= unless tired, ~= kid stuff (blank or no ~= everyone):

1. -Looking for snacks
2. -Heating up some food
3. -Preparing a meal
4. Cleaning up a meal
5. z Sleeping (anything, napping, going to bed,)
6. ~Throwing rocks
7. ~Throwing clothes on the floor
8. ~Playing in the toilet
9. ~Tearing books
10.~ Baging dishes
11. ~ Drawing on the wall
13. Looking at stuff
14. Browsing Web
15. ~Switching lights on and off

There might be other stuff you guys don't want them to do, you may love it if they do this stuff but guys don't be like "I WANT THEM TO MAKE MEALS!!!" Cause go ahead, make them make meals. Anyway moving on.

MY way of making babies
1. Baby boosts don't work. I put one on my wife and I had to adopt my only child. Twice. And three times on the dad. Too many only children!!!
2. Cocktail crezdanzas help if I give them it before trying to make a baby.
3. It also works best if you put them on top of each other right outside the bed they're using.
4. Try to make them in sync (which is hard, I know) or as close as you can.
5. When there actually on the bed, drag a previous child or pet over thier heads from the bottom right corner to the area in the room above where the parents are (or outside) on the top left area. Engage them in something, and make sure you can see thier action (if its a kid. If its a pet just leave it there). Make sure you (important!!!) CAN'T SEE THE COUPLE. Hopefully, you'll have a new pair of legs running around soon!

Extra money Time!!!
Here's a few tips for some Xtra (lol :) money!
1. DON'T USE PREVIOUS MONEY CHEATS!!!!!!! They have updated VF2 so they DON'T WORK! They just make your people sick and weak.
2. When collectables appear in the yard, place as many peeps as possible on it. I find it helps if the peeps are doing something near the collectable.
3. Adding on to #2, if you disturb them by picking them up, they will still get money! If you don't believe me, look at the bank before and after.
4. Use the tip from "How to cure depression"

Finally, how to nurse a weak person back to health.
1. THIS PROBABLY WILL NOT HAPPEN INSTANTLY. Please be patient and never give up on your little friends.
2. Some general tips on the topic:

It takes a while. I cannot stress that enough.
Try to improve the other bars, which in turn help the health bar.
weakness is caused by neglect, so try to play and care for your people AMAP (as much as possible) and when you know you can't, pause the game.

4. It is a very long process to nurse a weak (or extremely weak or a bit weak, it's just easier to say weak) person back to health. Here is what to do, and what not to do.

What TO DO:
1. Buy them TONS of fruit and multivitamins from the flea markets. AMAP, in fact.
2. Hand sanitizer and energy drinks wouldn't go astray either.
3. Let them rest. Relax in the hammock or sit down, watch tv or read a book, get energy levels HIGH for the next step.
4. Make them excersize, vigorously. Treadmill it, praise them for working out, aerobics, and kung fu/ tai chi. This makes them healthier, faster. Kids can also jump on the trampoline. Make sure they are HAPPY, FULL, and WELL-RESTED (hyper works too :)
5. Rest them and feed them again.
6. Leave the game until the flea market refreshes (about 1-8 hours, depending on when it last changed). When you return, repeat steps 1-5.
7. After lots of care, your people should feel much better. Also, a little tip. Help the more critical conditions first. Example: child is a bit weak, father is extremely weak, you have one multivitamin pack. Give it to the dad.

1. Ignore them.
2. Make the adults work, unless they REALLY need to.
3. Scold them to much.
4. Don't let then eat or sleep.

5. If all else fails, send the kids to boarding school and (gulp) kill the parents. PLEASE DON'T THOUGH, EVEN THOUGH THERE PIXELS, THEY STILL HAVE FEELINGS (not really)!!!

Well that's all I have to say for now, I hope I helped all you guys out there, so guys, do me a favor. If you see someone asking something that can be answered in a cheat, TELL THEM SO. Don't answer the question, just say,"Hey ---, look in the cheats at corgi luvers problems around the house guide In the hints section; it should answer your question."

Your adoptee or little people life bar (energy, health,hapiness, fed) is half full and your couple must have one or both it would be nice or definately for wanting kids. you put your little people on each other near the bed of sofa. do it until they say trying to make a baby. If they argue just continue to do it again. if it says too soon to have a baby you must wait for an hour or more. after they have a baby, make the baby aged 1/2/3 then send the child to boarding school. make a baby again, then you will get a baby... repeat it again and again... praise the little people twice while make baby.

Every time that you have an isola rain bottle in the flea market, buy it. During the time that it rains bugs and rare/uncommon collectibles appear. Make sure to have your little people ready to collect! Even if most of the collectibles that appear you have to sell on line, they will most likely not be common. Another hint is do not sell your collection to the man that comes to buy it if it is unfinished. It will start all over in your achievements section. It can be very hard to get some collectibles back. Don't sell then to him if you want to achieve those achievements. Don't worry because the man will come back....even if it takes four generations. I have had him come back about five times in my fourteen generations of people.

If you have a child then sometimes you will see in there status bar "hiding". Well if two kids are hiding, and one adult (only adults) is picking up a rare(not common) item, then a message will pop up that says "A neighbor has invited you to a house warming, you decide to go, as a gift you give 20 coins". Then you are automatically put in a different house that is fully furnished and all the rooms are made. You can claim this house if you dont go to your own house untill the "owners" of the new house die. The owners do not have children so they do not start a new generation. You will have to switch back to get your furniture from the old house, but if you have other people of your virtual family in the new house, then buy a random event, you will automatically go to the new house. I tried this, and I'm still living in the new house for twelve generations.

Do what you usually do to get a baby. When they start going to their bed/couch, drag the dad away. The mom still goes to her room and usually gets a baby. (I've done that about 12 times and only 2 times it didn't work) Also, if your couple keeps arguing, keep putting them on top of each other. They'll eventually try to make a baby again.

Picking a child to adopt: You are gonna want to pick a person who definitely wants kids or else you won't have as many kids. Also, you want to pick someone who only makes 15 a day. They will get you 690 in the end. If you can, this is very rare, find a person that is a carpenter or a builder. Don't worry if you don't get one now because there are other ways to get them.

Picking a spouse: You need a spouse who either definitely wants kids or someone who says that kids would be nice. Maybe is ok. Try to find someone who works in the same career room and has a job that makes only 15. If you can't do both then just pick one.

Stock up on food: It doesn't matter what kind of groceries you buy, just as long as you have over 2000 food stocked up. Some people say to just leave a meal out and don't let them clean it up. I try that all the time and it doesn't work. It only works if you pause your game when you leave which I find annoying because then no one grows at all. Each bag of food gives you 150 food no matter how much you pay for it.

Working: To make money, first start with the husband because if you play right then you should ALWAYS have a baby in the mother's arms. Take the husband and drag him to his working area. You have probably heard this before but praise him until he says Stop Nagging and then drag him back to the area. Repeat at least 20 times. When you are gone, he will make lots of money and get lots of promotions. Another thing you can do to help is buy all of the career room upgrades.

Kids room: To make an amazing kids room for around 3000 dollars for 6 kids max, first buy some children's beds. They sell for 550 at the shop. If they're on sale, definitely buy them. I bought bubble machines, balloons, a dreidel, stuffed animals, a toy ship, a giant teddy bear, a mini pool, and much more! This will keep you're kids extremely happy and never bored of their toys. You can use the same process on the kids that you use on your parents to make money. They'll never be mad or sad when you're gone.

How to give your kid good jobs: To make your kid a successful person, there are many ways to get them good jobs. If you want them to work in the kitchen when they grow up, then make sure they always play cook using the money method. To get them a job as a carpenter or builder, so they can build rooms for you for free, make sure they always play in the workshop using the praising and money method. That's what my 2 and 4 year olds have been doing most of their life. You can lock your kids in the workshop by putting a loveseat (99$) in front of the door (NOT A COUCH). I don't advise you to do that though because it sometimes glitches and they get out but can't get back in. You can lock in the parents too!

Selling collectibles: Most of you all know this trick, but to sell collectibles for more money, place 2 people on the collectible. You can't put the mom and the dad or they will try to have a baby. You can pause the game to do this if you'd like.

There are other ways to cure upset stomach. (other than peptic syrup) get some imported candy and give it to them. (imported candy comes from the flea market) It'll make them have to go to the bathroom.

Let's start with the goal "art". You can achieve this goal by getting a painting for your house. It says for the goal description,"you bought a painting for your house". But, you actually don't have to buy anything at all. There will be several times when you receive a package addressed to your neighbor. Always open the box unless it specifically says that the box is white. White boxes contain ants that come and damage your food. The normal packages will normally have paintings. That is how you can get a painting without buying it.

The next goal is the pool goal. It is titled "staying cool in the pool". You do not have to buy a full sized pool. In fact you can just get a cheap swimming pool. If you do not want to keep the pool then put it outside your front gate and sell it. So that is how you earn that goal.

Another goal is the plant tycoon. The way that you achieve this one is is to water the plants in the window boxes. The plants are on the left side of the house. All you have to do is drag a person over to the hose. Their status should say watering the flowers.

Another goal is to buy a radio for your house. You don't actually have to pay 850 coins for a RADIO. Who says that you can't buy a 350 coin MP3 player instead? It will still count as a radio and you can sell it when you are done.

A way to get all of the wrapper attack , sock warrior, and sir spot a lot achievements is easy too. You only have to use the time/money glitch. If you do not feel comfortable about doing that I understand. When i did it i didn't earn money but I achieved the cleaning goals because my house was a wreck. If you do not want to use that method then I recommend just cleaning up as life goes on.

This is an achievement that may be slightly harder. It is to get your person to live for 65 years. Here are some things that may help.

As your people grow older give them organic food and check on them often
Stay away from making them work and give them full attention
Do not scold them for anything that they do
Do anything that you can to make life easy
Once one of them dies keep playing with the other

Never scold your family. Instead drag them somewhere else. Make sure you have 1000 or more units of food at all times. Cure illneses as soon as possible. Praise your family every chance you get. Hire a maid to clean your House so as to stop illness spreading. When your people get tired have the comfiest bed you can afford available so your people will not get tired again quickly. Empty the trash can regularly because it might make your children sick when they dig in the trash. Get the nasty rooms renovated because they too might spread illness.

This is my first tip post, and I hope it is put to good use. First of all, the goal in this tip, is money. Honestly, I like to have a certain amount of money at least in my bank, (A bit of an perfectionist thing), and then I like to make that amount go up and up as my family get more and more promotions. So the trick is, to make them as happy as possible, and you do that by praising them for doing a bunch of stuff, not all the time, cause then you will be spoiling them. And when the kids do stuff like:

Drawing on the wall
Playing in the toilet
Jumping on the bed
Throwing rocks
Banging dishes

Be sure to either drag them back then see what they do again (playing, going outside, etc) then leave them be, or scold them ONCE, otherwise it will go too far. What I like to do is after I scold them, when they go to do something else (playing blah blah blah) I like to praise them ONCE to cancel out the scolding. So basically, for the parents, PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THEM, and praise them, not all the time, but praise them sparingly when they work, and you will see that they will continue to work without you dragging them to their working place. So praise sparingly, then you can focus on the kids.

How to put out oven on fire? well go to the workshop and drag your character on the fire estinguisher well it is same as the dryer.

How to fix the leaky sink? well simply drag your character onto the workshop near the tools on one of the tables. it is same as the toilet and shower clogged.

How to remove the ants? well drag your character to the cinamon ingredient. and your character must say preparing cinamon ingredient, then go to the recycling can outside of your house near the gate you will see an orange bottle drag your character and it will say finishing the ant spray. then its removed, lol or just wait for mins then its gone. just incase u want it earlier.

How to dig for bones? well guys go to the store then go to flea market this is an rare items comes up rarely. buy the rock hound certificate cost 1,500c when you see it.

For me whenever my people are feeling (a bit sick) all I have to do are these easy steps:

Bring the person to the bathroom.
Place them right by the dirty as sock pile (by the toilet).
The person will stand there and its symptoms will be stated in its activity bar. (Such as; "can't stop coughing", "sneezing", "stomach aches", and so forth.

Well, you know how your little friend's status sometimes says "a bit sick"? And you keep moving them by the dirty sock pile to find out what sickness they have, but it doesn't work? Well I've figured out an easy (and FREE) way to find out. All you have to do is turn up the volume so you can hear it (headphones are ideal), move your little friend and they will make the sound that goes with the disease. For example: If they are 'sneezing' then they will make a sneezing sound.

I'm not sure if you have noticed but when you adopt someone new, pick the person that has about $15 starting salary. They end up with $610 At the when they are a master level eight. Don't pick the ones that have a $105 starting salary. They only end up with a with a salary about $200-$300.

Your kids will love toys, and they are really useful for stimulating them, keeping them out of trouble, and finding their likes and dislikes. Try and have at least one toy per kid and a designated area for toys only. If their status is playing, drawing, or dancing with said toy, you should try and praise them. Don't praise too much or they will say you are nagging. Don't leave toys on beds or chairs because then it is harder to direct them towards it. Have a variety so as not to bore your kids.

Well when your choosing an adoptee choose one with as low paying job as possible the lower they get payed the higher they get payed as a master. Up to 600-900 $ the higher payed only get like 200-400 but if its a carpenter/builder it don't matter what they get payed.

Looking after kids is hard on this game as they get very weak very quickly if u leave them without food. ( always check your fridge ) do not fast forwards too much cause then they can get weak, very weak, starving, a bit sick, sick etc.

It is common knowlege that you drag your mum or your dad on top of each other. Then they will walk to couch, bed or other comfertable things and try for a baby. Sometimes they will say they cant agree to have one. Rubbish! Just keep dragging till they finally do it. If you have already had a baby recently then they may say it is too soon to have one, if they do get a baby boost $2500 or you wait.

Basically on the goal looking at the stars when the peeps are on the action looking at stuff then quickly on settings in the game make sure it is night time then praise them done hope it works for you.

I know that pretty much everyone knows that when you put two people onto a collectible, you get extra cash but there is a simpler way to ensure that it always works: Put your little person into the collectible then quickly pause it, put another person on it an voila, both people collecting the collectible!

If you want to get a lot of cash, pause the game and over night you won't get anything but stock up the fridge and over night you will get $20,000. I did this every night for a week and got $18,000,000.

It's practically common knowledge that to have a baby you place the mother and father on top of each other. Although this tip is about how you a baby when they don't agree that it is time to have one. All you have to do is keep placing the people on top of each other relentlessly and eventually they will agree and try for the baby.

If you guys are having troubles making babies, here's a helpful tip/trick. Once your couple is married make sure they're healthy, fed, and happy. The meters don't have to be full; just make sure their status says "happy" or "elated". As soon as they get married don't let them celebrate, make them try and make a baby immediately. If it says they're arguing then keep trying. More then likely they should make a baby. Remember this tip only works as soon as they get married.

Having trouble sleeping? Going to buy camomile??Stop what you are doing right now!!! No do not buy that camomile from the flea market it costs so much! Why spend when you can save- and earn!? Here's how the trick works: Put your person to work. Praise about 30 times. And scold everything else. Including going to the bathroom. Wait ( or fast forward time- not recommended) 2 or 3 hours or consistently force to work and tataa! Status: Exhausted! And you have loads of money. I did this and I have $36,400.00. Yes! It is true. And they started off earning only $90.00. Believe. Proceed. Enjoy. And don't worry! If you want just the money they can rest! You will have thousands! You will be rich and you will have a dream house!

This chart is to curb your children from choosing to do naughty things like jump on the bed, dig holes to China, and so on. When they're just turned three, make them play with their toys. Praise them 3 times for this. That will make them run away because "you're nagging." But, you can just pick them up, put them back on their toys, praise 3 times again, and repeat. Repeat this routine several times and your little kid will start choosing to play with his toys instead of in the toilet even when you are not there to watch his/her every move! are kids, they'll still get into you'll still have to schools every so often, but not nearly as much.

So I got upset because i wanted my dogs to stay in one room room and they were all over the place (I only have 3 dogs) . So if you move a couch in front where the exit would be the dogs can't get out out and I put their food bowls in there as well. They stay just fine, even when my little people go to eat, they can't get out.

So if you want to make money without waiting (work/job) just find a very rare collectible and pause the game. Them get 2+ people on the collectible (make sure the mum and dad aren't together or it will say (trying to make a baby/arguing/its too soon to make a baby.) Unpause the game. 2+ people will sell the same collectible.

For starters, let me tell you a little story... Franco is an architect. He moved into his home at twenty-nine, marrying not even five minutes later to his wife, thirty year old Adrella, a programmer. They had a happy union and twenty minutes later, their first child was born- a little boy named Marcos. Four hours later, twins were concieved- Saphola and Betty. The red headed sisters were troublesom- jumping on the bed and poking at the flowers. But when their triplet little sisters were born twelve hours later, they became much calmer. Lucella, Penetta and Adriana. As the only son, Marcos was in a hurry to go off to college and did so, his sisters soon following. When his parents died at sixty-four and sixty-five, Marcos recieved the house due to his job as a rather successful cake designer with three hundred dollars to his name. When he moved in at twenty-six, many women went after Marcos but he rejected them four times. But how could he say no to Lilianna? Twenty-four, a beautiful brunette cake designer with three hundred and seventy five coins. They had children almost immediatly- reproductive machines. Twins, then twins, then their only daughter, Ansleigh. Time passed and these two soon passed away together, leaving the house to Ansleigh who became an inventor. She married and ended up with twins as well, who are still babys currently.

Now, i dont know if it works for everybody, but heres my secret:

Put the woman on top of the man -not the other way around!- until they try to make a baby. When their walking over there, pick up the man and make him take a shower- it must be a shower! The woman will act as if hes there, and she should end up with multiples! Im on G3 with 4twins and 1 set of triplets with no baby boosters!

Not sure if everyone already knows, but when your person goes outside and the Action says-"looking at stuff"your person will start spinning around. 9 times out of 10, an object will appear in the yard right after this action.

Hey you know that the game runs the same time like the real world right? And at night your people get too tired if you keep making them work and you get frustrated putting them in bed again and again. Well here's a way at night to make their energy bar halfway or more without sleeping or an energy drink! It's the most simple thing ever! First go to menu and press settings. In there there will be a reverse day or night. Remember this is only for real night time. Press yes and then it will be daylight. Then leave your little people and wait at least 1-2 hours then your family will keep increasing energy.

Buy all the pets you can! do this because pets make your little people happy. they make them strong. I have like 5 or 6 and people are almost always happy or elated and never weak or depressed. I almost never play VF2. if you want your people to be happy buy lots of pets. as many as you want.

Some people might be worried about changing the time on the game incase their family suffer from depression or become extremely weak so here's an easy tip to help you out.

As the game works in real time, your characters normally sleep during the night and not earn very much money during it. Right? All you have to do is change the day/night button over when you go to sleep so your family work all night and then change it back when you wake up so they can work all day too. You might want to try it every other day so your family get enough sleep.

Don't scold your kids, or that could lead to depression, which is hard to overcome. Instead, create a play room even if you only have a few toys (I recommend placing it on one of the front patio rooms). When you see them doing something bad, quickly move them to the toy room. Then praise them, which is teaching them a positive lesson instead of potentially causing depression. If a thing comes up that says stop nagging, don't praise but still drag them to the toy room. If they resist too often, block off the toy room with a couch or bed to keep them in. Hope that make them more well behaved, because it worked with my kids!

So everyone knows that that your virtual family is SO SLOW. So here's some easy tips so you can speed things up a bit.

When you put a peep on the can, wait till the bag is visible. Then either praise the person or pick them up. The bag will dissapear, and the garbage will be gone.

When your people get tired , you put them to sleep . But they sleep for like 5 minutes. So buy a hammock, then just put them in it over and over until they're status us back to happy/elated or whatever

You don't have to prepare a meal to feed your people. Either make them look for snacks or buy food from the flea market.

Not feeling Fresh
Instead of letting them take a long shower, put them on the shower and wait until status is happY/elated or whatever. Then pull them away.

Also, (this isn't really faster trick, but it gets you money so ya) take 2+ people and put them on something outside near a collectables. Then, plug them on as fast as you can. You will get lots of money.

Here is a tip if you want to SELL more collectibles. To be honest I bought upgrade to get many at one time. When they pick 1st item DON'T wait for them to get back to computer, just move them to next one and money will appear on your bank

To sell furniture, drag one you want to get rid of to the outside gate on the street. Then it will say how much it's worth and if you agree, let go of it.

Just drag the item you don't want to just outside the gate, not only does it get rid of your ol junk, but it gives you money too.

So when your little person status reads Sending email to player It means they're going to send you a message. So when they sit on the chair next to the computer wait for 3 seconds then praise them once. After you prias them you should get the message from them. But instead of one message your going to get an other one! Because you praised them they'll do it again. I done this about ten times and once I got a different message from the other one. The first one was about unhappy she is but then the second one was about how happy she was!

You know how you can find collectibles in your yard? Well if you want to make a few extra coins here and there you can QUICKLY drag one family member onto the item and then another. They should bothe be carrying the item and you'll get double the coins for sellin it online.

I love the Virtual Families Games (VF1/2) so I thought I'd share some tips for you.

Sore throat, throat doesn't feel right, groaning noise - Throat Lozenges
Stomachache, stomach hurting, moaning - Peptic Syrup
Sneezing, Allergys - Antihistamine (you'll frequently need this when the allergy season comes)
Itchy, rash - Cortisone cream
Whooping cough, coughing, can't stop coughing - Antitussive syrup

**Do NOT waste your money on the doctors appointments unless they're illness is persistant or they got sick again straight after taking medicine. If the doctors tell you that you have to give them one of the antibiotics (Penicillin or Vancomycin) it's good to have some sleeping pills to help them relax. Give them the sleeping pills straight after they take the illness and let them sleep until their energy bars are up.

***One illness can spread like wildfire in this game. A useful tip is to make sure there are no more than 2 beds in each bedroom. If two people share a bed (usually adults) this is even better. If they are kept separate from each other in terms of bedrooms, the illness shouldn't spread as much.

1000 units of food isn't really needed unless you know your going to be away from the gave for more than 12 hours. 400 units of food is ideal. Another thing...ORGANIC FOODS DO NOT MAKE YOU HEALTHIER! A variety does, but the effect is so minimal it isn't worth it either. So just buy the 20 coin bag of grains. Also, do not let them make meals unless their status is "Hungry" or "Starving". Lastly, don't let them look for snacks or heat up food, ESPECIALLY at night. Scold them or try using trick candies to prevent them from doing this ;)

Buying the appropriate toys can distract the children from doing anything naughty. Things like throwing rocks, tearing books, snacking, playing in the toilet, heating up food, banging dishes, drawing on the wall, etc. should be scolded. However, if they are doing things like playing quietly, drawing, etc. praise them. This can also prevent their energy bars going down. When your child turns 14, they will start doing things like projects for school and homework. You should DEFINITELY praise these things or use candy. Another thing, SENDING THE KIDS TO BOARDING SCHOOL REALLY ISN'T WORTH IT!!! You'll start to miss your child. If your planning on sending the kid, do it when they're about 3 or 4 years old. Mind, you won't get to see them grow up :(

The difficulty in curing depression can vary. However, using the Psychotherapy should DEFINITELY be your last option, especially for the children. Buying things like new furniture, candies and toys wouldn't add up to the price of Psychotherapy. For children, let them play as much as possible (NOT things like throwing rocks, of course) letting them play quietly helps a lot and can bring up their energy bars. Things like tickling, stories and DVDs also help them. Both the adults and the children should be well fed. Don't let the adults work unless it's ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. They're career progress goes up when your not playing the game.

The carousel - Yes, it looks fantastic. But it doesn't do anything!
Towels - You can't use them.
Soap - Yes there pretty. No, you can't use them.
Plants- They are just decorations. They don't do anything.
Coffee or Dining room tables - You can't use them.
Paintings - They are VERY expensive and very pretty. Not only that, you can achieve a goal if you put one up. However, one of the game events that will more than likely occur is that you receive a package that is addressed to your neighbor. If you open the package, it's almost always a painting, which you can keep. I once got a painting worth 13,150 coins addressed to my neighbor. I earned a goal and didn't even have to spend anything. So never, NEVER, buy the paintings.


Don't bother too much with the furniture in your first generation. I know that sounds boring, but the first generation is when you should save up for your second. The furniture looks better and you can actually USE it. On your first generation, the only things you'll need to buy are a used couch and a bed. Don't buy these from the store, wait for them to go on sale. By your 3rd generation, you'll have bought better quality furniture and you can sell your old ones. Just drag it to the gate and let it go.
You shouldn't pay much attention to the bank statements. If your a person that sells collectibles online a lot, you should be making around 150-300 extra coins a day anyway.
Selling collectibles REALLY helps. If you drag two people on top of each other at the same time
(it can be difficult) then both of them will have the item and you can get double the money! :D
If you've got a maid, don't bother picking up the wrappers unless your SURE she won't show up.
Lastly, DON'T KILL THEM!!! Using the antibiotics to kill them really doesn't work. It just makes them weak and can get very annoying. Look after your little people, and if you know you can't, PAUSE THE GAME!

1. You know how when your putting new furniture in the house, and your little people keep watching you and getting in your way? Well, go to the menu, tap on the pause button, then move our furniture so they won't keep bothering you.

2. Ok, some people put up cheats that they just randomly come up with for money, or making babies. One way to make some extra money is to take the furniture or art that you don't want, take it to the front gate, and it will tell you how much it is if you sell it. If you like the price they give you, release the furniture or art, and then it will give you a little extra money. Another way to make money is to go to the menu, tap the pause button and let it sit like that over night, so in the morning you will have a boat load of money.

So if you're having trouble making babies, don't worry! People say you have to wait until the children are four to make more babies. But it's a lie. I've made more children when my youngest was two years old. So here is how you do it!

Have one of the adults start making the bed.

Drag the other into the bedroom.

Drag the one who was making the bed onto the other one. If they say, "it's too soon to make a baby" you'll have to wait a while. If it says, "they can't agree it's time to have a baby", its a lie. Keep dragging them onto each other until they finally agree.

The entire time they are trying to make a baby, praise both of them over and over again. They won't say, "stop nagging".

Now you should soon have a baby. It usually won't matter their age. But I tried with them over the age of 48 and they usually stop at that point.

If you want twins or triplets drag the mom onto the dad soon after being married and if they immediately say "trying to make a baby" praise both the father and mother once and drag the father to the shower(only works with bathroom #1) this has always worked for me, I have has twins and triplets in every generation(22) since I found this out.

There is nothing hard or confusing to do, in fact, the game has it built in the system but no one has noticed. Here it is: When your person is sick, wait until their action bar tells what is making them sick then give them the red glove five times in a row. It may seem a little cruel but it works and is free. When you want to have a baby but your people don't want too, simply drag them on to each other (like you normally would) and when they argue, give them to red gloves each. Keep doing so until you have a baby. I have found this out with experience.

So illness's spread like wildfire, exspecially in VF/VF2. This is what I do to stop it! Ok I have two bedrooms and many beds and one bedroom is put aside for sick people they have 2 kid beds and 1 adult bed and the kids have 2 toys so they dont get bored, keeping these peeps away from the other peeps keeps the healthy from getting sick all I do is make them sleep or play in there room! If you want to take it to the next level change there clothes whenever they get sick and get the sanitizer whenever you can! I gave it to one peep when she was 4 and she NEVER got sick! This is exspecially helpfull when you have no money to buy a cure!

Here are some baby making tips.

Ok I know lots of people want triplets, here are some ways how:
1. Both of your people have to think at least would be nice on babies. They also have to only have one like and no dislikes.
2. Some people say you can praise your people once or twice, I don't know if that's true or not, but a lot of people seem to think so.

A lot of people are also seeking twins, here's how:
1. Your people have to have one like and one dislike each.
2. Some people have rumored that you praise your people three times while their action is triying to make a baby, then try again.

So, you know when you try to get a baby and it dosen't work? This is how to try again.
1. When one of your people goes to do sometihing else while previously making a baby, grab them and shake them everywhere not just in one place, then shake their partener.
2. You can also set the time forward. I do not recommend this, it sets off gliches.

These are the reasons why to not set the time forward.
1. You might not get any proposals, ever.
2. Your people could age, then die.
3. You could lose things, like: children, people, rooms, progress...
4. It's just not natural.

We all have money problems on Virtual Families 2, well if you want to have a couple extra dollars in your pocket- read what is below!


Have a married couple- make sure the women has no baby in her arms at the time (you can do this with one person, but two gets you more money)
Get a person to do there career.
Praise the first person three times, the person will tell you to stop nagging.
Drag the same person back to there career and do the Same thing again.
Do this another ten times.
Drag the same person back to there career one last time.
Praise them only TWO times.
Let keep doing there career.
Repeat with second person.

WAIT. Just like real life money takes time, and time makes money but this will work over time. I have over 55 000 in the bank and now am on second generation.
Buy renovations along the way.
Repeat this progress every ten years in game time.
Use the kids for other tasks- older kids make meals, little ones get collectables.
Again- give it time!
Everytime you get on the game- if they are not already doing so, make them work on there career.
Don't spend money along the
Buy all organic grain in your grocies during the time you are saving up- that is what I do sence organics give you more food and when you do the math you are getting a dicount if what you would be paying to get the same amount out of regular grains.

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