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Ultimate Wolf Simulator

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Ultimate Wolf Simulator on iPhone iPod

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Be very careful during rainstorms, and if you see a twister headed for you, RUN! Twisters don't suck you up and swing you away, and don't hurt you very much, but they do hurt you when you're in it!

Having a hard time defeating a boss or strong animal?Not to worry, with this simple trick it is easy. Let the animal or boss (supposing it is hostile) attack you and you fight it back. When your health is pretty low, run back while you regenerate, the animal or boss will follow you. Repeat this until it dies. Hope you enjoy!

Ok so put a wolf as your wolf make it first on the list, this glitch may require about 3 wolf slots or more:

So, fight a wolf once they get to the point to where they are making you bond make a pup in the last slot but quickly try to bond with the other wolf, it will turn into to the first wolf in your slots (not who you're playing as) This will turn that wolf into your first slot wolf but the same stats stay which will also allow you to add more points. From the other wolf it will also appear that you have another wolf that's not in your slots but after you quit, it's gone, but the glitch stays.

If you don't have much energy as your atacking a bear, sometimes this works. Use the rest of your energy to run away. You will lose all you energy. Then like you don't care that a bear is atacking you, you just walk with your back turned to it. Now only sometimes this works. So don't get upset if sometimes this doesn't work. I'm also pretty sure this works with other animals to. Hope this helps you.

When you get to level 5 and get a mate, hunt a lot until 15, then level your puppy up to be able to also help hunting. Then continue leveling up until level 20. Then go into your howls and click mark of the owl. If activated when you interact with packmates, finish a well earned hunt or fight, or even eating/ placing food in the den will give a exp bonus. The activation is indicated by a purple ring around your wolf. The more packmates you have, the better the skills ability and the skills duration, the faster you level up. Fighting bosses comes in handy also, because you get a lot of exp. And if your in a fight with a wolf pack and your with your pack, you'll get a lot of experience. You can equip this to all your packmates, and this mark makes it easier to get pups outside the den. It also helps level pups up easier.

If you want your pup out of the den asap instead of bringing it food just play as the pup and have it lick, paw or snuggle you or your mate multiple times. This is way faster then going out to bring back food.

This ALWAYS happens to me after I press the growl button a couple of times. Just exit the game and reload it and it's back to normal. Sometimes if you switch your wolf or don't press it for a while it may be fixed but I highly doubt it. I like using the grow, button because sometimes it makes the enemy dizzy and freezes it just for a bit, and it also has some effects like one wolf has the mark of the wolf, then another has the mark of the fox, etc.

For this glitch, you need a wolf with the 'heal nearby wolves in your pack' stat and at least 1 other wolf that is dead. You simply press the 'lick your wounds' button, and the dead wolf heals a little health. A fun glitch that I use whilst playing.

It's me again Wolfy and today I'm going to show you how to get a skin you haven't unlocked yet on your pup! Ok so click the little button that's says open breed and u get a puppy then delete it keep doing this until you see a skin u don't have yet. Now u have that skin unfortunately you can't put it back on if you change it, but there very rare so don't get mad if you don't get it very fast.

The first way is to grab it in your mouth and walk out of the den the second way is you have the baby out side the den ... BOOM now you have a puppy that can walk around the whole world and if you don't like it as a puppy just kill a bunch of animals and later it will be a puppy.

To do it, find the river and Sprint to it. When you reach the river bank, jump. Just before you land, jump again and repeat until you reach the end. You might need ALOT of practice, but it's worth it!

So, it's not much of a hint, but it helps me sometimes. I have a pack of about 4 wolves. They are all 20-30 levels. So when I find a strong animal like a bear, croc, or a pack of wolves, and when they come to attack you, fight as hard as you can. If you have your healer with you, and it has at least level 2 kill healing, press the healing button and attack. Once your wolf is near dying, switch your wolf. Keep doing that until your pack dies, or until the enemy dies.

The trick is to bring food into the den and reload the game. Then you will find carcasses in your den but you can only have up to three carcasses appear in it.

Mate too weak to fight? Mate dies too quickly? Well do the following:

1. Get your mate.
2. Get to a surton level (I think it's surton for spelling)
3. Delete your mate.
4. Look for a wolf with a very high level.
5. Fight for dominance with the wolf.


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