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Twisty Hollow

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Twisty Hollow Cheats

When you complete a customer's order, they will leave coins as your payment. Tap the coins to collect them to make space on the outer wheel and keep your production line going. The faster you serve your customers, the more coins you will be paid. They will also drop golden coins instead of the silver variety, which are worth more when trying to earn stars for the current level.

Even when a customer is not actively waiting for a certain item, always start processes if you have the correct pieces. Keep your wheel moving and cleared out as much as possible in order to be at maximum efficiency. Particular customers will always order the same thing. Have that item ready beforehand. When that customer appears, quickly spin the wheel to give them the correct item, and you should earn gold coins from them. As you progress, you additional recipes will become available. The first one allows you to turn fish into sushi by using the chef and the knife. When you get the option for advanced processes, the customers in those levels will never order the original item (for example, the fish). It is safe to make all the advanced items immediately and not save the lower tier ingredients.

Some levels will have one of the wheel layer on auto-spin, forcing you to wait for it to finish spinning on its own. Because the wheel spins in three second intervals, you should still have time to move everything into place, or just simply wait for the wheel to move into the correct place by itself. After reaching the woods, you must handle bears. They will take a spot on the wheel, just as a regular customer normally does. However instead of taking an item and paying for it, a bear will eat random items that are in front of it.

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