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True Skate

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for True Skate on iPhone iPod

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True Skate Cheats

Use tricks combo to score a lot of points. While in your line to skate, do a jumping trick and land on a rail, a ledge, or something else that will allow you to continue doing your tricks through grinding. After that, you skate into something else to continue your combo. Repeat the process to keep increasing your combo score.

Experiment to learn how to do random tricks. Tricks can be classified into two categories: grinding and jumping. Both tricks can be easily discovered through different finger movements. Make sure you stabilize your board before landing. After doing a trick, you can check the trick book to view the exact finger moves needed to do it again.

Build a consistent line by not stopping or crashing into something. Consistently pulling off tricks until the line time runs out. The more tricks you pull off, the more points you will generate. Spend True Credits to modify your skateboards with new decals or wheel colors.

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