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Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Trucksform on iPhone iPod

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Trucksform Cheats

Coins are needed to upgrade your truck. They can be found hidden throughout each level. Switch to helicopter mode to help reach the ones in high locations.

Each level has big jumps and hills that will send you in the air regularly. To maintain your speed and continue as a regular truck, use the steering controls to level yourself out before you hitting the ground.

Different color road signs will warn you of the upcoming terrain. Each color corresponds to a mode of your truck. For example, red signs indicate that you have to use the gun truck soon. Orange is for the drill truck, blue is for the helicopter truck, and green is for the normal truck. Additionally, the transformation buttons will light up when you need to switch forms.

Each level has a time limit. When you are not busy bringing down an obstacle, switch back to regular mode. In this mode, your truck will travel the fastest.

Each different mode of your truck can be improved. Upgrades allow them to perform better. Upgrading the gun makes it shoot faster. The drill upgrade allows it to break through obstacles faster.

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