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What important piece of art was stolen and kept under a bed until it was returned to the Louvre Museum? Mona Lisa
Who wrote the novel Dracula? Bram Stoker
Who’s the main representative of literary naturalism? Emile Zola
Where did medieval theatre originate? Churches
How many letters are in the English Alphabet? 26 letters
What was the name of Don Quixote’s horse? Rocinante
In what novel is Holden Caulfield the main character? The Catcher in the Rye
Which of these is a three-stringed musical instrument? Balalaika
Who is Apollo’s twin? Artemis
What kinds of plants did Monet paint? Water lilies
Which of these artists is a photographer? Man Ray
What singer is considered the "Queen of Soul"? Aretha Franklin
Which of the following is not one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World? The Colosseum in Rome
Which one of these novels was not written by Robert Louis Stevenson? Journey to the Center of the Earth
Who is detective Sherlock Holmes partner? John Watson
Who's the author of "The Count of Monte Cristo"? Alexandre Dumas
What kind of creature was Medusa? Gorgon
What was James Joyce's nationality, author of Ulysses? Irish
What century was William Shakespeare born? 16th Century
Which of the characters from "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" didn"t have a brain to think? Scarecrow
What didn"t the fox in La Fontaine's fable like due to being green? Grapes
Who painted "American Gothic"? Grant Wood
Which band performs the song "Another Brick In The Wall"? Pink Floyd
Don Quixote fought them believing they were giants. What were they actually? Windmills
How many symphonies did Mozart write? 41 symphonies
How do we call the Greek columns shaped as a woman? Caryatid
What was the first printed book? The bible
A tatami is used in which of the following sports? Judo
In what novel is the main character a killer with an amazingly developed sense of smell? Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
How many times was Julius Caesar stabbed? Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times
Where was Leonardo da Vinci from? Florence
What was the name of Boromir's brother, one of the members of Tolkien's fellowship of the ring? Faramir
In which European country is Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet set? Italy
In which book by Mark Twain can we find characters as Widow Douglas, the slave Jim, Aunt Sally and Tom? Huckleberry Finn
Who is a famous cellist? Yo-Yo Ma
Who's the king in Tolkien's "The Return of the King? Aragorn
Who wrote Snow White? Grimm Brothers
Who painted the "Mona Lisa"? Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci
What is writer Paul Auster's favorite city, according to his novels? New York
ln JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, before he was corrupted by the ring, Gollum was once most like aÛ_? Hobbit
Which of the following works was written by Aldous Huxley? Brave New World
Who composed the music of opera "The Magic Flute"? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Who painted the Sistine Chapel? Michelangelo
What philosopher said that, due to the existence of the soul previous to the actual birth, knowing something was simply "recalling" it? Pluto
Who painted the picture "The Old Guitarist"? Pablo Picasso
Which figurative language means: Exaggerated statements or claims not to be taken seriously? Hyperbole
Who composed the opera "La Traviata"? Answer: Verdi
Where did the Wizard of Oz live? Emerald City
Which of the following is not a work by Robert Louis Stevenson? Paradise Lost
What does the Latinism "de facto" mean? In fact
Which of the following was not written by Agatha Christie? Catcher in the Rye
Who wrote "The Pelican Brief"? Answer: John Grisham
Gustavo Adolfo Becquer was a…? Answer: Poet
What color do you get if you mix blue and red? Violet
Which of the following books is written by Jules Verne? Journey to the Center of the Earth
Which of the following artists is known for his impressionist style? Monet
Auguste Rodin is known for his sculptures in which of the following materials? Bronze
Complete the sentence: to be or…? Not to be
What color when mixed with red makes orange? Yellow
Which art movement does the painting " The Scream" belong to? Expressionism
When was Michael Ende's "The Neverending Story" published? 1979
Who's the author of the opera "Madame Butterfly"? Puccini
Where is located La Pedrera, a famous building by Antoni Gaudi? La Pedrera, a famous building by Antoni Gaudi is in Barcelona
Which of these poets is not part of the Cursed Poets? Walt Whitman
Where was Beethoven from? Germany
Whose work is the "Liberty Leading the People"? Eugene Delacroix
How many strings does a cello have? 4 strings
In "Gullivers Travels", which land is the kingdom of the giants? Brobdingnag
What famous composer died at the age of 36 and left a Requiem unfinished? Mozart
What art and scientific movement originated in Italy in the 14th century? Renaissance
How do we call the repetition of sounds in the verses of a strophe? Rhyme
Where was Salvador Dali from? Spain
In what room did Napoleon Bonaparte keep the Mona Lisa? Bathroom
What's the name of the writer who created John Snow and Cersei Lannister? George R R Martin
Who wrote the book "The Notebook"? Nicholas Sparks
Which of Shakespeare's novel was set in Verona, Italy? Romeo and Juliet
What material is the saxophone made of? Brass
Which painter struggled with mental illness? Van Gogh
The Mona Lisa does not have what feature? Eyebrows
What's the main theme in Boticelli's paintings? Religion
Who's the most noble of the three musketeers? Athos
Who was the composer of the Magic Flute? Mozart
What technique is used by Goya in the painting "The Disasters of War"? Etching
The painter Eugene Delacroix belongs to what art movement? Romanticism
Which one of these stories was adapted by The Brothers Grimm? The Sleeping Beauty
Which famous artist lived in his own museum until his death? Salvador Dali
Which of the following is not a musical term? Ricotta
Where was the theatre born? Greece
Which movie debut the first of Disney's classic princesses? Snow White
Which European sculptor created the statue "David"? Michelangelo
What German region is famous for its porcelain? Saxony
Which German composer only wrote one opera? Beethoven
Which of these American presidents doesn"t feature in Mount Rushmore? James Madison
What year was "El Quijote" published? 1605
What's the name of the first philosophers? Presocratics
Who is the author of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy? E L James
Which of the following painters is not considered a representant of the lmpressionism? Van Gogh suffered from schizophrenia
Who wrote the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"? Roald Dahl
According to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, what is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything? 42
What grows in a "Cescendo"? Sound
The Venus de Milo is believed to represent what goddess? Aphrodite
Who painted "Les Demoiselles d"Avignon"? Pablo Picasso
Who composed "Charriots of Fire"? Vangelis
Who wrote "The Magic Mountain"? Thomas Mann
Who wrote "The Firm"? John Grisham
Which of this artists suffered from schizophrenia? Van Gogh
What's the name of the captain of the submarine in "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the sea"? Nemo
What historical period was the Mona Lisa painted in? Renaissance
Who is Stephen King? Author
Who designed the Eiffel Tower? Alexandre Gustave Eiffel
Who painted "Tereus Confronted with the Head of His Son ltylus", also known as "The Feast of Tereus"? Peter Paul Rubens
Which of these is a type of drum? Snare
Who lived in 2218 Baker Street? Sherlock Holmes
What's the most important work of Giovanni Bocaccio? The Decameron
Who wrote the French romantic novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame."? Victor Hugo
What fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen is based on the legend of Undines? The Little Mermaid
What is the famous artist Kahlo's first name? Frida
Where is the "Rock& Roll Hall of Fame" museum? Cleveland
Romanesque art prevailed in what century? 11th, 12th and 13th century
Nike was the Greek goddess of what? Victory
Who painted The Water-Lily Pond? Monet
Who is the wizard in The Hobbit? Gandalf
Where do Ming vases come from? China
Which author wrote the novel "2666", which was published posthumously in 2004? Roberto Bolano
What's the name of the princess that told many stories to sultan Schahriar? Scheherazade
What does "delet" or "delevit" mean in Latin? Destroys
Who wrote "The tunnel"? Ernesto Sabato
What's the name of a Dutch hero in a play by Goethe? Egmont
Who built the Sphinx? Egyptians
The Holy Bible is the edited and translated book. Which is the second one? The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of la Mancha
What's the name of the main character of the novel "Gone with the Wind"? Scarlett O"hara
How does Hamlet kill Polonius in the Shakespearean tragedy, Hamlet? Stabs him through a curtain
Banksy is the pseudonym of a famous… Graffiti artist
Who wrote the "Divine Comedy"? Dante Alighieri
Who's the author of the famous painting "The Sunflowers"? Van Gogh
What's the name of the main character in "The Fault in Our Stars" novel by John Green? Hazel
Who was auditioned by Mozart and said "he will give the world something worth to be heard"? Beethoven
Who Wrote Leviathan? Thomas Hobbes

What was the address Dori was looking for on Finding Nemo? P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sidney
What monarch is the main character in the TV series The Tudors? Henry VIII
Who invented the Chinese torture box? Harry Houdini
What US president did Forrest Gump not meet? Eisenhower
Who played the character of Edward Scissorhands? Johnny Depp
Which movie won an Oscar for best movie in 2008? Slumdog Millionaire
Which US State was Andrew, in the movie The Proposal, from? Alaska
How many people were part of the main cast of the hit tv show Friends? 6
With whom of the following was Michael Jackson married to? Lisa Marie Presley
The 2014 film Maleficent is based on which story? Sleeping Beauty
Who was Naruto's first sensei? Iruka Sensei
In the title of the Beatles album, to which club do Sergeant Pepper's band members belong? Lonely Hearts
What represents Green Lantern's ring? Willpower
What is the official term for animated programs that originate in Japan? Anime
Who wrote the famous opera-rock song " Bohemian Rhapsody"? Freddie Mercury
Who played Frodo Baggins in Lord Of The Rings? Elijah Wood
Where did Dumbo live? Circus
Which of the following is not part of the drums? Platelet
What's the name of the fictional character who was born as an old person and got younger every day? Benjamin Button
Which stars name is an anagram of a European country? Meg Ryan
Which Avenger uses a hammer? Thor
What city does the family in Family Guy live in? Quahog
ln which 1997 film is the US president, played by Harrison Ford, kidnapped aboard an aeroplane? Air Force One
Where does Batman live? Gotham City
What breed was Lassie? Collie
What is Mario Bros daytime job? A plumber
Which of these villains is not one of Batman's enemies? Magneto
Which group originally interpreted 'smells like Teen Spirit"? Nirvana
What is Chewbacca? Wookiee
Which game won the VGX award in 2013? Grand Theft Auto V
Who played guitar for Led Zeppelin? Jimmy Page
In what Disney movie could you listen to the song "A Whole New World"? Aladdin
Where is the band ABBA from? Sweden
Who portrayed Hannibal the Cannibal in the movies? Anthony Hopkins
How long did the TV series Bonanza last? 14 years
What year did "Thriller" come out? 1982
Who said the phrase "I am your father"? Darth Vader
In what Indiana Jones movie is revealed that he has a son? The Kingdom of Crystal Skull
What is the last name of the family in the TV series "Family Guy"? Griffin
Who forms the couple nicknamed "Brangelina"? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
What is the real name of the American supersoldier, Captain America? Steve Rogers
Who was famous for the phrase "What's up doc"? Bugs Bunny
Who is Tim Burton? Director
How old was Michael Jackson when he died? 50
Which is the name of the bird in the movie UP? Kevin
Freak of Nature is the title of a worldwide hit album by whom? Anastacia
What shape is SpongeBob's pants? Square
Who was the first Mexican director to win an Oscar for Best Director? Alfonso Cuaron
What is the name of the princess in Mario Bros? Peach
What actor who played Superman was paralyzed from the neck down after falling of a horse? Christopher Reeves
Where did Beethoven spend most of his life and die? Vienna
Which of the following is not a scene for CSI? Washington
Who is the Snow Queen in the Walt Disney's animated movie Frozen? Elsa
Which rapper has won more Grammy Awards? Eminem
Who is Alan in Two and a Half Men? Charlie's brother
Which movie won the Oscar for Best Animated Movie in the year 2014? Frozen
What actor portrayed the pirate Jack Sparrow? Johnny Depp
In the sitcom Friends, what is the "Joey Special"? Two pizzas
What nationality is the singer Frida, formerly of Abba? Norwegian
What colour was Clifford, the giant dog? Red
Where does Pooh live? A tree
What's the name of the Sleeping Beauty? Aurora
In what TV show could you see the characters Daniel Faraday and Charles Widmore? Lost
Bruce Dickinson is the singer of what band? Iron Maiden
What year did the Red Hot Chili Peppers release their first album? 1984
Which of these is the dance-music wizard who released the albums Play and 18? Moby
Which of the following associations between actor and character from Beverly Hills 90210 is wrong? Tori Spelling as Kelly Taylor
In the title of a Stevie Wonder hit, he just "Called to Say" what? I love you
What trophy will the winner of the Berlin Film Festival bring home? A bear
What band recorded the album "Pulse"? Pink Floyd
What's a Muggle? A non magic person
What's the name of the cat that wants to eat the smurfs? Azrael
In " Family Guy", what is Stewie Griffin's middle name? Gilligan
Where is the Cannes Film Festival celebrated? France
Which of these is not a House from Game of Thrones? Baggins
Who released the album "Born in the USA in 1984"? Bruce Springsteen
Which University did Howard Wolowitz, from the Big Bang Theory, take his Masters degree? Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Which band had no bass guitar player? The Doors
What actor plays the role of Wolverine in X-men? Hugh Jackman
Which country's popular dance is 'samba"? Brazil
ln what famous Disney movie does the character Jafar appear? Aladdin
What is Chandler's from "Friends" original job? Data analysis and statistical configuration
In which of the following does the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants live? Bikini Bottom
Which of the Avengers is a god? Thor
How many letters did Noah write to Allie in The Notebook? 365
Complete the name of the famous country singer, Shania Û_? Shania Twain
How old is Rapunzel in the movie "Tangled"? 18
What's the name of Tommy's best friend in the cartoon "The Rugrats"? Chucky
What band released the single "Livin" on a prayer"? Bon Jovi
Who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2004? Morgan Freeman
Which actor portrayed Clark Kent in the movie "Man of Steel"? Henry Cavill
Who plays Lara Croft in the movie "Tomb Raider"? Angelina Jolie
Who performs Michael in the film "The GodFather"? Al Pacino
What's the name of the famous detective that smoke from a pipe and played the violin? Sherlock Holmes
What does Rose learn from Jack in "Titanic"? Spitting
Phillip John Clapp is best known for being involved in the MTV series "Jackass". What is his stage name? Johnny Knoxville
Who played the song Run To the Hills? Iron Maiden
To what famous singer is rapper Jay-Z married? Beyonce
Which social network has a little blue bird as its logo? Twitter
What did Jack Nicholson play in the film "Prizzi's Honour"? Mafia Hitman
What is the name of the princess in the movie "The Princess Diaries"? Mia
What is the character named Manny in the movie "The lce Age"? A Mammoth
How many books does the novel "A Series of Unfortunate Events" have? 13
Who is the lonesome robot in Pixar's animated film with the same title? Wall-E
Who is Mario's companion in Super Mario Bros? Luigi
Who played the song "Masters of Puppets"? Metallica
In the movie "High School Musical" who does Vanesa Hudgens play the role of? Gabriella Montez
What band released the song "Wild Horses"? Guns N Roses
What's the name of the worlds most famous web to watch any videos? YouTube
Which of these films didn"t include Johnny Depp in its cast? Silence of the lambs
What color is the Little Mermaids tail? Green
Who kills Darth Maul in the Star Wars series? Obi Wan Kenobi
Everyone has it but no one can lose it, what is it? Shadow
What power does Jake, the dog from Adventure Time, have? Change the shape of its body
What do Shania Twain, Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morisette have in common? They're Canadian Singers
Coolio adapted the song by Stevie Wonder "Pasttime Paradise" and made another song out of it. Which one? Gangsta's Paradise

What's the worlds highest waterfall? Angel Falls
Where is the Capoeira dance from? Brazil
Monrovia is the capital of what country? Liberia
Which is the most populated city of Turkey? Istanbul
Where is whisky from? Ireland
Where is the island of Malta located? Mediterranean Sea
Yerevan is the capital of what country? Armenia
How many countries border with Egypt? 4
Which is the only country who borders with Portugal? Spain
Which of these countries has a pink lake? Australia
What colors are on the Mexican flag? Red, white and green
What's the most populated city in Scotland? Glasgow
Where are hamburgers originally from? Germany
What is the biggest city in Hungary? Budapest
How many countries are in the United Kingdom? 4
Which country is Mount Everest located in? Nepal
Where is Honduras located? Central America
Where is the island of Margarita situated? Venezuela
How many countries share borders with Germany? 9
What are the colors of the Philippines flag? Blue, red, yellow and white
In what country is Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world? Argentina
What's Scotland largest city? Glasgow
How many boroughs does New York City have? 4
Chestnut cream is traditional in what country's gastronomy? France
What country is famous for the maple tree? Canada
What is the most populated city in Africa? Cairo
Where is the most visited museum in the world? Paris
What's the official currency of Costa Rica? Costa Rican Colon
What's the capital of Albania? Tirana
Botswana is located in what continent? Africa
Which is the main meridian? Greenwich
On which sea does Romania have a coastline? Black Sea
In which country is Mount Kenya? Kenya
Where is the Perito Moreno glacier? Argentina
Nepal is north of what country? India
What Ukrainian city is also known as "the pearl of the Black Sea"? Odessa
What's the official currency of Denmark? Krone
In what country is the city of Gruyere? Switzerland
Which is not a name of a sea? Pacific
What's the capital of United Arab Emirates? Abu Dhabi
What countries are part of the BRICS? Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa
Which of the following does not correspond to arid climate? All are correct
Which of these countries is not bordered by the Baltic Sea? Norway
Which colours appear in the Chilean flag? Red, blue and white
What is the capital of France? Paris
Which of the following is not an island? Nicaragua
What is the capital of South Korea? Seoul
What's the meaning of D.C in Washington D.C? District of Columbia
The city of Cali is located in what country? Colombia
Senegal is located in what continent? Africa
Morocco is a country within which continent? Africa
Which is the only peninsula and subcontinent of the world? India
What is the most populated state in the United States? California
Which of the following is the previous capital of England? Winchester
What is Challenger Abyss? The deepest point in the oceans
Which river rises in the Black Forest and flows into the Black Sea? Danube river
Algeria has a coastline on which sea? Mediterranean sea
What country is the last to see the sun set? Samoa
DE is the international code for what country? Germany
What were Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland called? Scandinavia
What country do the Corn Islands belong to? Nicaragua
What colors is the flag of Iraq? Red, white and black
How many official languages are there in Switzerland? 4
What's the capital of Republic of Guinea? Conakry
Which of the following countries has the highest life expectancy? Japan
Which of these countries doesn"t border Brazil? Ecuador
The Tuvans are known for their throat singing. Where are they from? Siberia
How many island make up the state of Hawaii? 8
Which of these is the capital city of Argentina? Buenos Aires
What do the flags of Peru and Canada have in common? The colors red and white
What countries borders Vietnam in the east? None
What is Italy's shape similar to? A boot
In what continent is Singapore? Asia
What is the main religion in Greece? Orthodox
In which continent can we find the Weddell Sea? Antarctica
Where is the city of Pernambuco? Brazil
What state is not located Northeast region of the United States? Georgia
Which country of origin is Manchego cheese? Spain
What's the capital of Uruguay? Montevideo
What's the official currency of Paraguay? Paraguayan Pesos
The Golden Gate is the symbol of what city? San Francisco
Which is the largest mountain in the world? Mt Everest
Where is the brandy "Cognac" from? France
Which one is the highest mountain in the world? Mount Everest
The "Maple Leaf" flag is the national flag of what country? Canada
What is the capital of Colombia? Bogota
What is the currency unit of Morocco? Dirham
What is the mountain range that divides Spain and France called? The Pyrenees
When is it spring in the Southern hemisphere? September to December
Freetown is the capital of what country? Sierra Leone
In which continent is India located? Asia
Which country put a ban against EU products in 2014? Russia
Where is the Statue of Liberty? New York
Where are pretzels from? Germany
Which country has a red flag with five stars in the left corner? China
When is it autumn in the Southern hemisphere? March to June
Rice with milk is a traditional dessert in many countries. Which of the Following ones is not one of them? The Netherlands
Which country is not an island? Germany
What are the colors in the flag of France? Blue, white and red
Where can you find the largest flower, Rafflesia? Malaysia
Where is the Canaima Jungle? Venezuela
What Chilean city is famous because of its elevators? Valparaiso
The Amstel flows through which European city? Amsterdam
What colors is the flag of Bolivia? Red, yellow and green
What element does Argentina owe its name to? Silver
What countries border Venezuela? Colombia, Brazil and Guyana
What is the name of the Canal that connects the Atlantic and the Pacific? Panama Canal
Taiwan is also known as? Formosa island
Which of the following countries does NOT have red in its flag? Saudi Arabia
What animals are depicted on Mexico's national flag? An eagle and a snake
The Middle passage took place over which ocean? Atlantic Ocean
Unsurprisingly, what country's official animal is the panda? China
What is the name of the island where Napoleon was born? Corsica
What is the name of the largest rodent species found in South America? Capybara
Managua is the capital of which country? Nicaragua
Which is the most populated city in China? Shanghai
What colors did the Libyan flag have before their civil war in 2011? Green
Where is the oldest subway located? London
Togo is located in what continent? The African continent
Which continent are the Philippines located in? The Asian continent
How is the ancient Ottoman Empire called today? Turkey
Which of these is NOT one of the "New Wonders of the World"? Eiffel Tower (France)
Which of the following volcanoes is not located in Africa? Stromboli Volcano
What country has the most of the gas and petrol? Saudi Arabia
What's the official language in Uruguay? Spanish
Which is the most populated city in the world? Tokyo
IE is the international code for which country? Ireland
Which is the most northeasterly country on the mainland of Africa? Egypt
What is the imaginary line that divides the Earth's surface into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres? Equator
What is the continental block formed by Europe and Asia? Eurasia
When is it summer in Southern hemisphere? December to March
Which is the capital of Angola? Luanda
Which is the largest city of South America? Sao Paulo
What is the real name of the Japanese Cat Island, famous for its huge cat population? Tashirojima
Where is Ethiopia located? Eastern Africa
What's the international code for Cuba? CU
What's the capital of Bahamas? Nassau
What ocean is to the East of the United States? Atlantic Ocean
In which of the following countries there is NO desert? Germany

Who gave their name to a continent? Amerigo Vespucci
What was Osama bin Laden’s code name? Geronimo
Who was the first king of Rome, according to the Roman tradition? Romulus
When did World War 2 End? 1945
How many sacraments are in the Catholic Church? 7 sacraments
To what historical event would you relate the tank man or unknown rebel? Protests in Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Some say World War II began in 1931, when Japan conquered which region of China? Manchuria
Who founded Playboy magazine? Hugh Hefner
What does Mesolithic mean? Middle Stone Age
What year did the My Lai massacre take place? 1968
Who held the famous I have a dream speech in 1963? Martin Luther King
When did men first travel to space? 1961
What year did the Berlin wall fall? 1989
Who won the battle of Gettysburg? The Union
Who was Britain’s longest-reigning monarch? Queen Victoria
What was the main problem of the Luftwaffe during the Second World War? Lack of fuel
What year was America discovered? 1492
What was Sally Ride the first American woman to do? Go into outer space
Who in 1964, was the first person other than royalty, to appear on a British postage stamp? Shakespeare
How many popes from the House of Borgia have there been? 3
What year did the Gulf War Start? 1990
Where was Jesus of Nazareth born? Bethlehem
Henry VIII created his own church so he could divorce which wife? Catherine of Aragon
Who is the historical inspiration for the character Dracula? Vlad the Impaler
What is "Furor Teutonicus"? Roman proverb
What did ancient Egyptians use to write? Papyrus
What city was divided in two after the Second World War? Berlin
Which was the war pictured in the Homeric poem, the Iliad? Trojan War
After WWII, what country lost much of its eastern territory to Russia, but did pick up much of Pomerania, Silesia and East Prussia? Poland
How many people died in the Munich massacre of 1972? 17
Lawrence of Arabia worked for what secret services? British secret services
Which of the following was an ally of the Russian Empire during the First World War? France
What year did the Titanic sink? 1912
What religious war was ordered by Pope Urban 2 to capture the Holy Land for Christianity? The crusades
What country did USA purchase Alaska from? Russia
What was the name of the list of books forbidden by the Church, created in 1559? Index Librorum Prohibitorum
Operation Barbarossa was the name of the German invasion of what country? USSR
What is the name of Prince Williams son? George
What was the weapon the most used by pirates? Sabre
Where did the Bolshevik Revolution take place? Russia
Which civilization constructed the Machu Picchu? Incas
What were the names given to the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Little Boy and Fat Man
Who were the victims of the German terrorist group Baader-Meinhof? Fascists
Which was the weapon of choice for Samurais? Katana
Who was the dictator of Germany and took over most of Europe during the 194Os? Hitler
What year was the Popular Republic of China founded? 1949
When did the construction of the Titanic begin? March 31 in 1909
What Wonder of the Ancient World was in what is Iraq today? Hanging gardens of Babylon
What was the name Romans gave to Great Britain? Britannia
Who was the first president of the United States? George Washington
Who is the Greek goddess of love? Aphrodite
John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed in what city? Dallas
What animal did the ancient Egyptians consider gods? Cats
Iceland became independent of what country in 1918? Denmark
Which email-generated craze from the USA gathered momentum in the UK in 2003? Flash Mobbing
In Greek mythology, how was Achilles heel injured? An arrow
What year was the United Nations formed? 1945
What's the name of the Greek god of wine? Dionysus
What language do Latin languages come from? Latin
Who discovered the sea route to India? Vasco Da Gama
In Greek mythology, who is the father of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades? Kronos
Which two countries reunited in 1976 after 22 years of separation? North and South Vietnam
Who was the first king of England? William
What British king of the Middle Age was nicknamed "Lion Heart"? King Richard
Where did Hitler write "Mein Kampf"? In prison
Who of the following didn"t participate in the Cuban Revolution? Hugo Chavez
When did Albania declare its independence? 1912
Where is tomato originally from? Mexico
Which country officially received the exiled Spaniards under Franco's dictatorship? Mexico
Where was Pearl Harbor, the military based attacked by the Japanese army was located? Hawaii
What's the substance used in churches characterized by releasing smoke? Incense
Police dogs are usually which of the following breeds? German shepherd
What starts with "Four score and seven years ago" ? Gettysburg Address
Romulus and Remus were breastfed by… A wolf
What leaves did Romans wear on their head to symbolize victory? Laurel leaves
What is the mascot used by the American government to promote the preservation of forests? Smokey the Bear
What year did Bosnia and Herzegovina emancipate from Yugoslavia? 1992
Who designed the Montgolfier hot-air balloon? Montgolfier brothers
What was the name of Spain when it was a part of the Roman Empire? Hispania
Which country first started the construction of the Panama Canal? France
They started in 1096 and continued until the 14th century. What are we talking about? The Crusades
What was the Tlatelolco Massacre? Repression against students in Mexico
Whose motto is "We are a legion. We don"t forgive. We don"t forget? Anonymous
Who said "I have a dream"? Martin Luther King, Jr
Where was Martin Luther King, Jr. born? Atlanta, GA
What hurricane caused in 2005 the greatest money loss to the United States? Katrina
Who was the first US President to resign from office? Richard Nixon
What year did New York's Twin Towers fall? 2001
What was the name given to Napoleon's army? La Grande Armée
What event is known in Gaelic as An Gorta Mr, meaning the Great Hunger? Irish Potato Famine
What was the name of the Propaganda Minister in Hitler's Germany? Joseph Goebbels
Who created the Line Production to increase productivity? H Ford
In October 2003, which nation became the third one sending a man into space? China
Which countries were part of the Grand Alliance during Second World War? Great Britain, USA and Russia
Who are the three sons of Cronus? Poseidon, Hades and Zeus
Which of the following is not a religion? Darwinism
When was the Declaration of Independence of the United States adopted? July 4th
Who of the following was one of the greatest defenders of the black population in the United States and was murdered in 1968 for this reason? Martin Luther King
What was the name of Adolf Hitler's wife? Eva
Who led the Scottish warriors into battle against England? Sir Williams Wallace
Which countries made up "Axis of Evil" during World War 2? Germany, Italy and Japan
Who was Zoroaster? Prophet
What was the last Russian Imperial family? The Romanovs
What was the name of the American secret project with the purpose of building the first atomic bomb in history? Manhattan Project
Protestantism was born in what country? Germany
What was the name of the Austrian Empire after the revolution of 1848? Austro-Hungarian Empire
The Philippines was discovered by Europeans in what year? 1521
The Bubonic Plague that killed a quarter of the world's population during the middle ages was caused by what agent? Fleas
ln which year did the first man walk on the moon? 1969
What does plutocracy mean? Rule by the wealthy
Who was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo? Napoleon Bonaparte
How many years did the Hundred Years" War last? 116 years
Who invented the alphabet? Phoenicians
When did the First intifada take place? 1987
The country of Bolivia is named after which patriot? Simon Bolivar
What did John D. Dunlop invent? The tire
Where did the Bloody Sunday of 1905 take place? Russia
ln Greek mythology which goddess is Zeus's wife? Hera
What kind of material was the Declaration of independence made of? Hemp
What was Henry Ford's profession? Entrepreneur
What was the last European city visited by John F. Kennedy before he was murdered? Berlin
Who controlled England before the Norman Invasion in 1066? Saxons
What indigenous ethnia built Chichen Itza? Mayans
According to the Bible, Jesus delivered the Beatitudes as part of his "Sermon on theÛ_"? Sermon on the Mount
How did Madame Currie die? Radiation poisoning
Who was not a Roman Emperor? Parallax
Where is the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte? Les Invalides, Paris
What army did the 300 represent? Spartan army
Where were the Jewish deported after Nebuchadnezzars conquest of Jerusalem? Babylon
Where was John F Kennedy Jr assassinated? Dallas
Who invented the printing press? Gutenberg
What year did the Mexican Revolution start? 1910
What South American country had a monarchy for more than 60 years? Brazil
What city is still governed by the Grimaldi family? Monaco
What kind of writing did the Egyptians use? Hieroglyphic
Which British Prime Minister won a Nobel Prize for Literature? Winston Churchill
Where was the first astronaut in history from? Soviet Union
Who won in 2009 the Nobel Peace Prize? Barack Obama
What city was founded by Alexander the Great? Alexandria

Tip 1
Use your power-ups sensibly. That the bomb will certainly erase 2 incorrect responses and lead to a 50/50 chance at the appropriate response. The additional time power-up extends the time offered to provide you more possibilities. If you get an incorrect response, the double opportunity power-up permits you to address once more. The avoid power-up throw out the present concern and raises a various concern for the very same subject.

Tip 2
Try to find achievements in the menu area that you can complete. Whenever you complete an achievement, you will certainly be rewarded with coins. The more coins that you have, the more power ups that you can buy.

Tip 3
Link to Facebook to have the capability to send out lives and spins backward and forward in between your pals.

What animal has the highest blood pressure? Giraffe
What are the audible consequences of apnea? Snoring
What does a glaucoma provoke if its not treated? Blindness
What is the building block of matter? Atom
What can not be done as we swallow? Breathing
What happens with the temperature when boiling point is reached? Its maintained stable
What's the name of the chronic mood disorder that alternates periods of hypomanic symptoms with periods of mild depression? Cyclothymia
What is the square root of 169? 13
Only two species are poisonous the Mexican beaded and the Gila monster, which is also the largest one in the US. What is it? Lizard
When are young elephants considered to be adults? 12 to 15 years old
Au is an abbreviation for which chemical element? Au
Which of these is a theory about the creation of the universe? Big Bang
Which two common household items have a violent chemical reaction when combined? Sodium bicarbonate and vinegar
What prevents virus replication? Interferons
Which of these birds has the fastest flap of wings? Hummingbird
Which is not an electrical SI unit of measurement? Gallon
What is needed for respiration? Glucose and Oxygen
How is a tooth cavity usually fixed? By filling it
What is obtained after mixing hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide? Water and sodium chloride
What does an speleologist study? Caves
Which is the name of the most extended artery of the human body? Aorta
What is the function of the ribosome in a cell? Protein synthesis
What other name does the water cycle receive? Hydrologic cycle
What's the only liquid metal? Mercury
Which physical property of light gives rise to our experience of color? Wavelength of light
How can you calculate the age of a tree? Counting the rings of its trunk
What was Pangea? A super continent
How can you distinguish a tiger mosquito from a common mosquito? The stripes in its legs, it stings during day and it flies slowly
What is the speed of sound? 343 m/s
Which part of the eye responds to light? Retina
Where are the metatarsal bones? The foot
A prion consists only of? Proteins
Microwave ovens heat food by exciting which of the following molecules? Water
Which of the following describe types of electrical circuits? Parallel and Series
Which animal has the largest heart of any land mammal? Giraffe
What's the colostrum? The first breast milk
How old can a camel be? 50
Which of the following means high definitions? HD
What is aboulia? A decrease of motivation
Approximately how many bones does an adult body have? 206
Cider comes from what fruit? Apple
What does HDD mean in computer science? Hard Disk Drive
What is the Latin name for gold? Aurum
What is plastic made of? Oil
Carcharodon Carcharias is the scientific name given to which species? Great White Shark
Which is the hormone responsible for regulating glucose in blood? Insulin
What does vexology study? Flags
What is etymology? The study of a word origin
What's the largest muscle of the human body? Gluteus Maximus
What is the first sense a baby develops? Touch
What is a hypotenuse? The longest side of a triangle
The Statue of Liberty is covered in what material? Copper
What test? done right after the baby's born, tells if there is any sign of asphyxia or perinatal suffering? Apgar Score
The periodic table of the elements is know in Russia as what? The Mendeleev Table
What is the name of the outside part of the ear? Auricle
What kind of animal is a German Spitz? A dog
What organ produces bile? Liver
To what are photosensitive materials sensitive? Light
What way of administrating medicine is faster? Intravenous
What happens to energy? Energy changes form
What is the square root of 121? 11
How many horns did a triceratops have? 3
Name of the cell's organelle that is in charge of making proteins? Ribosomes
What does an ornithologist study? Birds
What's the coloured part of the human eye called? Iris
How many chromosomes does the average human have? 46
What's the name of the burners used in chemical labs? Bunsen
What organ is affected in a hepatomegaly? Liver
What animal was used to prove the idea of Classical Conditioning? Dog
Which vitamin is necessary to absorb calcium? Vitamin D
Which dinosaur could fly? Pterodactyl
During a 24 hour period, how many times does the International Space Station orbit the earth? 16
Which process turn sugar into alcohol? Fermentation
Which of these planets is furthest from the Sun? Neptune
Which is the hardest material? Diamond
What systems main functions is to eliminate the body's waste? Urinary system
Which of the following is a noble gas? All three
What's the snail? Mollusk
Of what is seismology the study? Earthquakes
Which vitamin is especially important for the formation of collagen? Vitamin C
Who said that "objects which have no resultant force are either stationary or moving at constant velocity"? Newton
Which of Earths movement causes day and night? Rotation
What phase transition occurs during sublimation? Solid to gas
What was the name of the dog from the Soviet Union that became the first animal in the space? Laika
Which is the range of the pH scale? 0 to 14
What are two divisions in the nervous system? Central and Peripheral
Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table. What's the second? Helium
What Apollo first arrived to the Moon? Apollo 11
what's the name of the science that studies ecosystems? Ecology
What pigment is produced by hemoglobin after red blood cells are destroyed? Bilirrubina
What's the biggest mammal? Whale
Who made the Pea plant experiment? Gregor Mendel
Who envisioned wireless technology in the 1800's? Nikola Tesla
How are the holes of Swiss cheese made? Carbon dioxide
What do you measure with a hygrometer? Humidity
Which country has a nuclear free treaty? New Zealand
What is the lobe located at the front of the brain? Frontal lobe
What's the name of the largest known star? Canis Majoris
The body of an adult insect is divided into how many parts? 3
What two ingredients are used to make science fair volcanoes? Baking soda and vinegar
What are the building blocks of proteins? Amino Acids
Which is organ is responsible for filtration? Kidney
Which of the following is a liver disease? Hepatitis
Which of the following is forbidden in a vegan diet? Eggs
Tectonic plates interact though what? Borders
How many seconds are one hour? 3600 seconds
What color is perceived by cone cells with less sensitivity? Blue
Where is the thyroid gland? The Neck
What kind of mammal is a platypus? Monotreme mammal
The bee belongs to what family? Hymenoptera
What animal skin is similar to ours? Pigs skin
How is the natural hallucinogenic substance ayahuasca consumed? It is ingested
What is the function of molar teeth? Cutting
What initials are given to lysergic acid? LSD
How many degrees does a circle have? 360 degrees
What is Linux? An operating system
How many stomachs do cows have? 4
What did Newton discover? The gravity law
ln what stage of pregnancy is the human form recognized? Third month
Which of these kills its victims by constriction? Anaconda
What's the hardest substance in the human body? Tooth enamel
What's the name of the therapy that uses the sunlight on the body? Light therapy
What's the name of the lower layer of the atmosphere? Troposphere
What does ATP stand for? Adenosine Triphosphate
What is the Latin word for knee cap? Patella
Who formulated E=mc^2? Albert Einstein
What is the common name for Dihydrogen Monoxide? Water
Who was Copernicus? Copernicus formulated the heliocentric model
What science studies the weather? Meteorology
What is the study of Plants? Botany
Scientists believe that the shark was the first animal to develop what? Teeth
What is the chemical sign for aluminum? Al
What does the Spanish word "Luna" refer to? Moon
What do we use our strongest muscles for? Chewing
Where do tiger mosquitoes come from? South East Asia
Which of the following felines is faster? Cheetah
Which of the following is a good conductor of electricity? Salt
What's the smallest structure material can be found in a stable form? Atom
Which one of the following is a mass unit? Kilogram

What Olympic medal does not exist? Copper medal
How many players per team are there in court in handball? 7 players
In racewalking, athletes… Walk
What's the name of the field hockey move when the ball is lifted with the stick? Flick
What city are the Blue Jays from? Toronto
Which baseball player is behind the batter? Catcher
How many squares are there in a chess board? 64 squares
How long is a basketball game international and in the NBA? 40 and 48 minutes long
What is the name given to the NFL final? Super Bowl
Which team did Alex Ferguson manage? Manchester United
Which of the following types of hockey does not exist? Asphalt hockey
The tiger Hodori was the mascot of which Olympic Games? Seoul 88 Olympic Games
When did the FIFA World Cup take place in the USA? 1994
What country won EuroBasket 2011? Spain
Which of these positions does not exist in a baseball game? Fullback
What country has won the most Davis Cups? United States
Where were the first Olympic Games of the modern era celebrated? Athens
What player of the WWE is known as "The Lord of Darkness"? The Undertaker
What is the world's most popular and most played sport? Soccer
Which team won the Baseball World Series of 2013? Boston Red Sox
What number did Michael Jordan play as on the Chicago Bulls? 23
What boxer was found guilty for draft evasion after declaring himself a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War? Muhammad Ali
Which ball is the smallest? Golf ball
Who won more cycling medals at the London 2012 Olympic Games? USA
What's the official color of fencing? White
Which of the following is an Olympic sport? Curling
What is Tiger Woods real name? Eldrick Woods
How many points does a half court shot give in Basketball? 3 points
Who is Muhammad Ali? Boxer
ln which state of the United States are celebrated the XGames? California
Swords are used in which of the following martial arts? Ninjutsu
Wilson Kipeter broke the 800m record of what other athlete? Sebastian Coe
From which country is the athlete Maria Mutola, who won her eighth world title in Paris in 2003? Mozambique
What year were the first modern Olympics Games held? 1896
What sport do the New York Mets play? Baseball
Anna Kournikova won the doubles competition of the Australian Open of 1999. What swiss player was her partner? Martina Hingis
What country is Taekwondo originally from? Korea
Which sport originated in China? Dodgeball
What racing driver died in 2011? Marco Simoncelli
How many positions are there in Volleyball? 6 positions
Which of these activities is related to horseback riding? All of the above
In which of these teams of Formula 1 did Michael Schumacher run? Ferrari team
How many players are in a chess game? 2 players
What sport need no equipment? Running
How many goals did Germany score in the 2014 World Cup Against Brazil? 7 Goals
What's the first name of the Italian motorcycle race driver Melandri? Marco
How many games were disputed in the longest match in the history of Wimbledon? 183 games
Which of the following is not an Olympic sport? Small game hunt
In which sport might you legally use a hand-off on an opponent? Rugby
What sport do the Miami Dolphins practice? American Football
Which is the most successful team in the Champions League? Real Madrid
What sport do you play if you play in the NFL? American football
Where is NBA's Hall of Fame? Springfield (MA)
Who won the Formula One World's Driver Championship in 2005 and 2006? Fernando Alonso
Which of the following is not part of decathlon? Marathon
What does WWE stand for? World Wrestling Entertainment
What do you score in American and Canadian football? Touchdown
When was the last time Michael Jordan played in the NBA? 2003
How many wheels does a unicycle have? 1 wheel
Where is Muay Thai originally from? Thailand
How many chess pawns are in a chess game? 16 pawns
Where were the first Pan American Games celebrated, in 1951? Buenos AIres
In the Winter Olympics there are luge competitions. What is luge? A sled
In sumo wrestling, what is the dohyo? the ring
How many striped ball are there in a pool game? 7 striped balls
Who has never won the MVP award of the NBA season? Vince Carter
What game need 11 player and a pitch? Cricket
How many cards does an English or French deck have? 52 cards
Which sport would you be playing if you were competing on the ATP tour? Tennis
Who is Tiger Woods? Golf player
Which is the fastest runner in the whole world? Usain Bolt
What is the name of Florida's baseball team? Marlins
In biathlon, what event comes after cross-country skiing? Rifle shooting
Who won the first Formula 1 World Championship? Guiseppe Farino
Despite suffering from Parkinson, what athlete lighted the Olympic flame to inaugurate the Olympic Games in Atlanta? Muhammad Ali
Which athletics event is the longest distance in which competitors stay in their own lanes? 400m
Which country hosted the Olympics in 2008? China
What teams did Michael Jordan play in? Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards
This sport was born in India, men can win the Thomas Cup and women, the Uber Cup. What sport is it? Badminton
What's the fastest swimming style? Front crawl
Whose quotes is "fly like a butterfly sting like a bee"? Muhammad Ali
In 2009, Olympic athlete Usain Bolt publicized the efforts for Kenya's conversation adopting a cub called Lightning Bolt. What species? Cheetah
Which of these is a discipline in both men's and women's gymnastics? Floor exercises
What's a natatorium? A pool
Which sport do Jeremy Roenick, Mario Lemieux, and Wayne Gretzky play? Hockey
Who was the first quarterback to throw for 50 touchdowns in a single season? Tom Brady
Name the technique of judging a horse back rider's skill. Equitation
Which city will host the Olympics in 2020? Tokyo
What's the only Olympic throwing event where competitors don"t throw from inside a circle, but they start off running? Javelin
Where is rugby originally from? England
Which of these is the US name for the French card game vingt-et-un? Blackjack
Who was the boxer who bit his opponent's ear during a fight? Mike Tyson
How much is the addition of all the points of a dice? 21
What is the maximum number of games you can play in a basketball playoff? 7 games
What does NRL stand for? National Rugby League
What is LeBron James nickname? The King
What country won the most medals in the Olympic Games of 2008? United States
Original regattas were ship races that took place in the Grand Canal of what city? Venice
What discipline is not a part of Modern Pentathlon? Cycling
How many white pieces are in chess game? 16 white pieces
What is "Texas Hold"em"? A type of poker
What's the name of the Greek musician who compose the original hymn of the Olympic Games? Spirou Samara
How many bearings does a skateboard have? 8 bearings
Where will the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup be held? Canada
Which sport have the expressions 'saved by the bell" and "throw the towel" been taken from? Boxing
Where was the car racing driver Emerson Fittipaldi from? Brazil
Every how many yeas are the Winter Olympic Games celebrated? Every four years
Which of these would be of most use if you wanted to play poker? Pack of cards
What player was the best soccer of the American team the Dream Team of 1992? Charles Barkley
Which Brazil soccer team won the national championship 6 times? Sao Paulo FC
How many fights did Muhammad Ali win during his career? 56 fights
What is the mechanical animal that greyhounds chase during a race? Hare
Which Canadian Hockey team won the gold metal at the 2014 Winter Olympics? Both men and women
What is the term used in tennis when the score is 40-40? Deuce
What country is big in Olympic swimming thanks to stars such as Dawn Fraser and Ian Thorpe, being only after the United States in golds and medals? Australia
Dolphin style is related to what sport? Swimming
How many numbers appear in a darts board? 20
In artistic gymnastics, how many different apparatus do women compete on? 4
Which of the following is not currently an Olympic sport? Lacrosse
In a horse race, the winner is the horse that crosses the finish line with its what? Head
What city hosted the first modern Olympics? Athens
In which board game can a piece move in L? Chess
What motor-racing team was Fernando Alonso part of from 2002 to 2006? Renault
On what kind of surface is sandboard practiced? Sand
Which was the first Grand Slam won by Andre Agassi? Wimbledon
What sport is controlled internationally by the IJF? Judo
How many seasons did the famous baseball player "Babe Ruth" play? 22
What's England's national sport? Cricket
What's the weapon used in women's fencing? Foil

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