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Trine 2: The Complete Story

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Trine 2: The Complete Story on iPhone iPod

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Trine 2: The Complete Story Cheats

Obtain Pontius' magnetic shield upgrade. In single player mode, start the game as unlimited in order to swap between characters. In multiplayer mode, have a friend conjure a box as Amadeus, the wizard, for you. Transform into Amadeus, conjure a box, then swap back to Pontius, the knight. Approach the box, then grab it with the magnetic shield. Note: Make sure this is done in an open space so the box does not get caught in an obstacle. Throw the box up in the air then grab it again with the magnetic shield.

Play the "Castle Rock" level with the Huge Hairy Nuts (coconuts). Cage a Goblin with Amadeus. Place a plank on top of two coconuts in the water to create a three-piece raft. Break the Goblin's cage and immediately switch to Zoya. Turn invisible and the Goblin will remain still for five seconds.

You cannot skip any intermissions or the game will not count that level. However, you can skip the dialog at loading screen. You must complete every DLC level with only one characterm but you can use different character for each level. You also have to to complete WiiU bonus level, "Dwarven Caverns". You can change characters at the start of any level as long as you do not move. However the safest method is to change characters then restart or select the level to be played. You do not have to play all the levels in the same session. If you lose a life, pause game play and select the "Return to Last Checkpoint" option. This can be earned in co-op mode, however all players must use the same character; "Character Mode" should be set to "Unlimited". You can complete any level with any character except "Brackenridge Rise" and "Dwarven Caverns" (WiiU bonus). Those two levels must be completed as Amadeus.

Have the conjure box upgraded twice in order to spawn three boxes. Play as Amadeus, the wizard, and find a group of at least three monsters. Make a square around their body to trap them inside a conjured box. Do this to three enemies. Then, stack the boxes on top of each other.

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