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Tricky Test 2

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tricky Test 2 on iPhone iPod

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Tricky Test 2 Cheats

Question 0: Put everything into the box, including the instructions.
Question 1: Tap the green button three times.
Question 2: Drag the word ‘me’ from the instructions into the square.
Question 3: Tap the buttons in the order of 1, 2, 3, 5, 4.
Question 4: There are three holes in the underwear.
Question 5: The cloud is the object that is furthest away from the word 'us' in the question.
Question 6: Rub your finger against the scratch pad.
Question 7: The shirt has a total of six holes.
Question 8: Chicago (Chicken, Cat, Goat)
Question 9: Tap the X button in the 'application' window to close it.
Question 10: Use two fingers to pull the fighting pets apart.
Question 11: 20, 14, 9, 43, 45, 10.
Question 12: Tap the word 'Elephant' in the question.
Question 13: Tap the yellow button thirteen times. Ignore the counter.
Question 14: Bear without ear is B so tap the bear.
Question 15: Rotate your phone 90 degrees.
Question 16: Light the middle candle and then tilt your phone to light another candle.
Question 17: Tilt your phone to the right to reveal the owl.
Question 18: Drag the word elephant from the question to the fridge.
Question 19: Turn your phone upside down and ‘shake’ the ketchup bottle by shaking your phone.
Question 20: Box C is true (The ring is not in box A)
Question 21: The eraser costs 5 cents.
Question 22: Hana is the suspect. QAZSEDC spells 'H' on the keyboard keys.
Question 23: Drag the lightbulb to the right to unscrew it.
Question 24: Statement 3 is true.
Question 25: Tap '3rd' in the question itself.
Question 26: 9 owls. Drag and move some of the owls around in order to see them.
Question 27: Shake your device a few times.
Question 28: Drag the elephant and the word 'elephants' off the screen.
Question 29: Click the green button three times and the yellow button four times. Wait for the button to turn yellow again and then click it again.

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