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Transworld Endless Skater

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Transworld Endless Skater on iPhone iPod

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Transworld Endless Skater Cheats

To push off and set Ollie jumps, tap and hold the right middle area of the screen. You will then be shown how to chain tricks and grabs on different sections of the screen. There are four main categories of tricks used to earn points. Tap on either of the boxes at the right side of the screen to jump and do a grab trick or have a chance of doing a flip trick. Everything is based on the direction you swipe. You can also hold the blue box on the left to grind whatever you land on. Tilt your device to the left or right to do a spin trick. Can combine multiple tricks to make a combo that will likely give you a higher score. Fly off a ramp, then tap the upper left corner of the screen to grind. You can then compete your run on the rail or jump off and perform a trick to add extra points to the board. You can also tilt your device left or right to execute spins.

For every three missions completed, you will receive a cash bonus. Every character has their own missions. If you already completed all available missions, purchase new characters to unlock more of their own missions. Watch the video ads at the in-app purchase screen to earn money.

Turn on Airplane mode on your device to remove the ads that appear.

Take note of the yellow lines on the ground to see the direction you are travelling. To earn more points, switch direction from left or right in order to make use of certain obstacles. Keep performing tricks as much as possible. Do flips while skating in a straight line towards the next obstacle. When skating and jumping over ramps, perform flips while in the air.

Upgrade your Stats and collect Boosts to improve your character. Stats will help your character improve their skill. The Boosts collected in the levels will help you progress.

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