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Transformers: Battle Tactics

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Transformers: Battle Tactics on iPhone iPod

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Transformers: Battle Tactics Cheats

Some skills will require more than one action point. You can spend them in one round and they will not be gone in the next round. Always use those points for high value skills when you have some remaining. Unless you are going to win or lose on the current turn, never leave Ability Points unspent. Use leftover points into a bomb, strike or shield ability.

It will take some time to recover even one cube of Energon. Do not spend gold on more Energon, because it costly at one cube for 6 gold. Just wait and save your gold for drops or characters. Recruiting new characters and ranking up gives you bonus Energon.

When first starting, recruit as many Transformers as possible. The higher their tier, the better the robot. Also consider their type when deciding how to best build your team. Once you have a good team, begin upgrading those robots only and do it evenly. Always try to have a Transformer has the blue lightning symbol for a first strike advantage. Even though the damage caused by that specific robot will decrease, giving your team the first shot is an advantage. Each robot belongs to a particular "family". For example, Autobots marked with the red icon on their portrait. If you create a team of the same type of Transformers, then you will get an extra bonus in all battles. Three different resource types are required to unlock Transformers. All of them are dropped during combat. Fight and win regularly to gain those resources. There are three categories of Transformers can be obtained; Characters (the regular robots), Exclusives and Combiners. The Exclusive and Combiners are the best types. In order to craft a Combiner, you will need three Exclusives. Obtaining Exclusives is difficult and requires a lot of material bits and usually from two or all three categories.

If you are matched against a superior team, do not forfeit. Taking out one or two enemy bots can result in some valuable resources. Also, your PvP rating will not drop that much. If you can spare the resources, recruit all three characters (limited to two at later ranks) each time you level up. Doing this will result in extra resources and some gold.

If you have a robot that rolls a low number, you do not have to spend a Re-Spin. Have them change form and get a team bonus. Do the same with all your transformers to turn a low roll into an advantage.

When first starting, the targeting option is unlocked is very important. Use it to eliminate a single robot from your opponent's team. It works well with first strike. Your robots will always attack in order from top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right. Determine the damage each does and decide which enemy is easiest to eliminate. Focus on an enemy robot that you can take out with as few shots as possible and always optimize your strategy to take out the largest amount of hit points.

When selecting team abilities, consider Jammer. The CPU does not focus its fire on one target in most cases, however human opponents will often target your best character immediately. Jammer will randomize incoming attacks to spread them out over multiple characters. The Targeting ability is also important, especially with a team built around First Strike. If you roll First Strike to get the initiative and your opponent does not use Jammer, you can almost always take out an enemy character during the first turn.

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