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Traffic Racing Rivals

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Traffic Racing Rivals on iPhone iPod

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Traffic Racing Rivals Cheats

Spend much time as possible in the left lane to get bonus points. Combine this with the high speed bonus granted by driving over 100 kmh to score lots of points to get more coins.

When the lanes are blocked use the brakes to slow down and wait for an opening to appear. Although your points will decrease for driving at slower speed, you will remain intact.

Do not purchase any upgrades and save until you have enough money to purchase the second car. It is much better than the starting car. Then, begin purchasing some upgrades while still saving some money for the third car.

Watch the top to view incoming traffic and select the best lane. IF possible, go in the middle to open space to steer left or right if a car changes lanes.

Consider getting the Handling and Braking upgrades first to increase the control of your car while driving.

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