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Traffic Racer

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Traffic Racer Cheats

The number of your coins you earns depends on how long you stay at 100 kilometers per hour and how many close calls you have when passing above that speed. You also can chain combos with near-miss tricks. Every near-miss you make in a row will boost your points from 100, 200, and up to a maximum of 700. You can watch videos from the In-App Purchase screen without having to buy anything to earn 500 coins per video. Play in Two-Way mode to earn more coins. The more time you spend going the wrong way in traffic, the more coins you will earn. This is a good mode to grind coins in. You can also earn coins easily by playing Trial mode. It only lasts 60 seconds, and all you have to do is avoid the traffic until the timer expires.

Time Trial mode is a great way to earn points, since you get to keep going even when you crash.

If you're low on coins, watch some in-app video ads to quickly earn extra ones.

When you select upgrades, focus on upgrading your speed. That will allow you to drive further and improve your score.

If you need to slow down very fast, instead of braking touch a guard rail.

Prioritize the Speed and Handling upgrades. Speed boosts your acceleration and will help earn more coins. Handling improves your car's turn sensitivity. Afterwards, upgrade the Brakes to stop your car from top speed quickly.

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