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Toysburg Cheats

When assembling a toy, you can order the parts piece by piece, or you can order the entire toy together. The better option is to order the whole toy together. You can only have a limited number of open orders at the same time. However, ordering the entire toy at once counts as only a single order. Ordering individual parts can be done in situations where after a quest a character will give you a toy back with a broken arm or leg. In this scenario, getting spare parts is cheaper than re-purchasing an entire new toy.

Knock the boxes off the roof of the cars that drive around to get loot that can be used to complete quests, or sell the items for money.

You can spend the game's premium currency to increase your storage space. However, that extra space is rarely needed. Save up for something else.

After level 2, a small speed boost icon will appear over your character. Use it to save some time during your run. However, it only lasts briefly.

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