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Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Township on iPhone iPod

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Township Cheats

Tap the "Helicopter" button and look at the orders. Try to get the items that the people require to earn coins. Only choose orders that are worth the effort.

Plant lots of crops to build your city. Wheat is always extremely important; keep it in good supply and always plant more. When you have many available crops refer to the orders that you have in the queue and food required for animals and plant accordingly.

Storage space is limited. Construction materials are obtained by train, but you do not have control over what materials that you will receive. Keep sending trains in and out until you get the desired materials.

Some crops like potatoes and cocoa can take a lot of time to grow, so think about leaving them overnight. During the day, do the fast ones like wheat and corn.

Growing wheat is tedious work, but it gets you some coins fast and without any investments.

In order to be as efficient as possible with your animals, you should always have the feeds ready. For example, you should already have the Cow Feed ready after youíve got the milk to keep the production going.

As soon as you unlock the Academy of Industry, get all the upgrades you can. They are all permanent and help out your town quite a lot.

Do the Helicopter requests early on in the game, as they give you much needed coins. Later on, though, itís not worth it.

Any orders asking of you to deliver goods that take more than two hours to produce arenít worth it.

As always, you can earn T-Cash by watching ads in-game. It will not take up a lot of your time and is quite beneficial.

You can basically get T-Cash by buying jewelry in the City Market and selling them to the mafia guy in the helicopter. It is a useful little trick if you feel youíre running out of T-Cash.

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