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TourStar Cheats

When hiring new members for your band consider their stats. You can check their signing fee, weekly salary, and level requirement. When first starting, hire the very first member you see. They all have +5% cash and a $100 to $250 salary range with no fame bonuses.

When first starting, you will only have access to the level 1 and 2 tour offers. Keep getting gigs to earn money, starting with smaller ones first. Keep increasing the venue until reaching the Local Mall Appearance. You will earn a decent amount of money and fame while gaining enough experience to reach level 2.

Do not choose the same genres or lengths repeatedly when recording or the album will lose its appeal and not make any money. Use new options each time you make a new album to keep your fans happy. The last step of recording an album is to select a producer. Each producer has a description that shows what they excel at. For example, if your album's genre R&B, select "Carl Shalimar" because he was a former R&B singer. Albums can earn a nice amount of money. They will be a primary source of income and can be enhanced further if you sign a deal with a major record label. This will sharply increase your album sales.

When you go on a tour, you will have a few options before the concert. "Chill Out" provides various ways to increase your fame and energy. "Warm Up" and "Tune Gear" are mini-games that give you a bonus to the show you are about to play. Energy is required to play either of the mini-games. Unless you absolutely require a very good high level show, spend 10% of your energy. For "Warm Up", tap and hold until the meter reaches the line on the right side. When released, the meter will decrease. Tap again when it reaches the left line. The closer you are to the lines, the higher your fame multiplier will be. In "Tune Gear", two meters will constantly rise and lower while you slide switches to match them. Purchase effects such light shows and fog machines to increase your show performance. They result in about a 20% fame and cash bonus. Once paying the purchase price, you can use them whenever you desire.

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