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TouchFish Cheats

New fish will grow and get hungry. The more you have, the more money they will produce. Better fish require more time to mature, but also provide better rewards. Mix and fast fish that generate money sooner, with slower fish that are collected from less often, but give larger amounts. Collect from your fish regularly, as their money will eventually cap. The faster you collect money, the sooner you can begin making more money by purchasing new fish and allowing them to reach adulthood. When feeding them, tap the feeder until the Inventory icon turns green to indicate that all fish are completely fed. Play with your fish to make them happy and get coins. You can circle your finger or twist it around. You can also make faces and smile into the camera; when the fish sees your reflection it will do the same thing.

Some missions will require you to purchase items that normally are not needed. After using them to complete a mission, either store them in your inventory or sell them off.

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