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Torque Burnout

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Torque Burnout on iPhone iPod

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Torque Burnout Cheats

You'll start losing crowd appeal if you repeat your moves more than twice in a row. You'll earn more points if you keep your display packed with new, fresh combos and variations.

Before you start competing drive out and try out your car in test drive mode to learn what it can pull off. Take your time and find the moves and combos that will get you tons of points.

Destroying your tires earns you even more points and credits. You won’t be able to do 180 or 360 degree spins but you can do donuts and burnouts on the rim.

The biggest impact on your performances comes from engine and tiers so make sure those are properly upgraded.

Engines control your torque and weight, while tires control your grip and smoke.

You can watch advertisement videos in order to get free credits.

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