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Top Girl

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Top Girl on iPhone iPod

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Top Girl Cheats

So first you go to top girl and make you're boyfriend as happy as possible next you go to date and time and skip to hours ahead go to your boyfriend. Kiss him and do it over again until you get gifts P.S. Make sure to buy all clothes in stores that cost coin sometimes if you don't they buy them and that's a waste.

If you want free coins on top girl go to your general settings on your iPhone or iPad and change the time a couple hours forward which will give you full energy the more hours you go forward the more energy you get use it.

For full energy all you need to to is go to your Settings>General>Date and Time>Turn off Automatic >Set the date for the next day and you will have full energy ! Then you can go back to setting and do it all over again.

Whenever you can kiss or chat with your boyfriend, do it! It will increase your chances of getting a gift.

To get more votes on the runway you need friends who will vote for you everyday.

Go to your settings and go forward 3 hours so that you can kiss your boyfriend and gets gifts faster.

If you wait until your animal gives tree food and then repeatedly click on the bottom left hand corner of the screen being careful not to click on any other animals your animal will be forced to give you more tree food.

Okay, so you may have heard about setting the time forward to get tree food. It works right? Wrong! When you set the time back to normal the critters are messed up and won't make food until the date or time that you had set your device to. Well there is a way to make that not happen! To make this simple, set the date forward by 1 day at a time. Get all the tree food you want but don't summon critters, and when you want to set the date back to normal, do this: set the date 1 more day forward so all your critters are ready to have their tree food harvested. Do not harvest the tree food and set the date back to normal. All your critters will have their food ready to be harvested and will not be frozen.

Just wanted to tell each of you, to NOT set your date forward and/or backward because it will mess your hole game up and make you have to delete the game and restart.

When you want to work you need energy so what you can do is go to your settings change the date to the next day and go to top girl and you will find full energy that you can use for work whenever you want.

If you want to be practically naked in top girl with just a pantie and bra follow these simple steps. Go to "dress" and click undress than with you're no clothes on click exit. It will say you look indecent when it says that DON'T click ok when it says that click the power off button and turn you're device off once it is off turn it on again and go straight to top girl and open you will find yourself practically nude with only a pantie and bra on.

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