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Tons of Guns

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tons of Guns on iPhone iPod

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Tons of Guns Cheats

Weapons have various reload series. Attempt them all.

Discover much better shield on side branch objectives.

Reducing fire lowers enemy reliability for a brief time.

Update weapons to improve raw getting rid of power.

Brief on money? Offer your undesirable items.

Side objectives need particular weapons.

Side objectives do not drop weapons, however are a fantastic source or shield and money.

Missing out on a lot? Shoot in brokens for greater reliability.

Add-ons are extremely effective and just discovered in occasions.

Replay boss defend much better weapons.

Fabulous items can be updated 15 times for ludicrous power.

Mods opened on items are the real source of power and wellness.

Occasions are unique goals that are just readily available for a restricted time and benefit incredible graft.

Opening mods considerably enhances the power of weapons and shield.

Employers constantly hold a couple of Upgrade Kits with them. Quest them down.

Brief on Upgrade Kits? Discover some in the everyday occasion.

You can recalibrate in the time out menu.

Sick of awaiting an upgrade? Skip it instantaneously with gold.

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