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Tiny Tower Vegas

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tiny Tower Vegas on iPhone iPod

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Tiny Tower Vegas Cheats

A Bitizen's objective is hidden behind colored question marks. Consider the questmark color to place that Bitizen on a business floor that he or she prefer to work at. Every Bitizen has different stats for all four business categories (casino, entertainment, retail and food). The higher the stats of a Bitizen on average, the more it will cost in coins to hire him. Hire Bitizens for their dream job. When a Bitizen is working in their dream job, the restocking rate will be doubled. Hire Bitizens to fill jobs they are skilled in so that restocking fees will be reduced. Each Bitizen has a skill level of 1 to 9 at each job type. That skill level is equal to the discount you will receive on restocking. Fire Bitizens from their jobs to replace them with better qualified Bitizens that appear in the lobby looking for jobs. Note: Employees cannot be shuffled around while a store is restocking.

To increase the amount of goods you can receive and also stock every time you make an order, upgrade your business floors. By doing this, it will take longer for all the goods to be sold and they will be sold for more money. You can fully stock one floor at a cost of 3 bux through tapping on the lobby and then the "Quick Stock" button.

You will encounter various bitizens that will apply for a job every time you tap the "Hire" button. With proper management, they can give you an advantage, but also cost coins to hire. After hiring them, stock up with goods. Each job slot has a different stock or product you can have them sell. To stocking up, you must first order the product. After receiving it, come back and tap on it again to stock it up. You can only order stock for a single product at a time.

Normally selling items or completing construction of a new floor will require some time. Advance the time on your device to complete those tasks immediately. Afterwards, set the time back to its correct value.

Spend Tower Bucks to stock your stores with the most expensive items instead of to restock. Betting higher at the casino games will not give you a better chance of a big win. Bet one or two chips at a time for more chances at winning big, especially on the slots. However, the game that has the best odds and highest payout is the 5 card draw poker game. Play every day to get a fireworks show that earns Bux. The fireworks display is set off once per day. Watch it to earn some Bux. The show gets longer each day. Transport Bitizens in the elevators to receive tips in the form of coins and chips. This also cuts down on restocking time if you bring a Bitizen to a floor that is restocking. It will save a minute on the wait time. Perform favors for special characters to earn chips.

There are fifteen special characters that are available. The first to appear is Ronald Chump. Art Major will be the first one to show up for your lobby. To unlock these characters, build new floors that correspond with the character. For example, to unlock Sergeant Garza build a Security Block Floor. Keep VIPs waiting in the lobby. Job applicants are plentiful, but VIPs are a rare occurrence. Keep a few of them in your lobby ready to be used when you needed. Also make sure that your lobby is not full to allow for more VIPs to appear.

Spend Bux to upgrade the elevator. Upgrade the motor to make it travel faster, which will make delivering Bitizens less monotonous and earn money quicker. Upgrading the elevator's appearance will not affect its performance. Spend Bux to upgrade hotel rooms. Hotel rooms provide the most profit. Upgrade them as quickly as possible to increase their rental price.

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