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Tiny Striker

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tiny Striker on iPhone iPod

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Tiny Striker Cheats

While coins are important and useful, you should always place priority on scoring goals.

After scoring multiple times in a row you'll get the fireball, and when you do you should all defenders when shooting as it will knock them down and give you extra experience.

After a great performance tap the "Boost x2" button to double your prize, and you get that by watching an ad.

You can watch advertisements every four hours to receive extra hearts.

Don't use your special items until Game 20 at least, as all the matches prior to it will be beatable.

The amount of times you hit the ball during a match doesn't have any real consequences, the number just shows in your statistics, so don't stress yourself with that and focus on winning matches.

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