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Tinker Island: Survival Adventure

Cheats, Tips, Secrets & Walkthroughs for Tinker Island: Survival Adventure on iPhone iPod

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Tinker Island: Survival Adventure Cheats

The buildings that make up your settlement are more than just decoration. Make sure that you pay careful attention to your bonfire, which lets you gain access to other building types. Water cisterns are another priority, since they improve skill bonuses. And you'll need tents and shelter to store the various supplies, so that your gathering efforts aren't wasted.

After exploring for a while, your survivors will find a fishing spot, which is one of the easiest places to gather food. Once you level it up a rank, you can obtain extra food when you place a forager in the area, allowing you to quickly generate a supply of food so that your other survivors (and from time to time, perhaps even that forager) can tend to other tasks.

Gems are the game's currency, and you'll never have enough of them. Make sure that you spend them to unlock survivors, rather than wasting them to speed up processes, and be on the lookout for ways to increase your supply. You can watch ten advertisements per day for some gems, but don't forget to complete the in-game achievements.

Don't close the game just because someone is working on a lengthy task. You can leave it open. One survivor might require an hour to get anywhere, but you can find tasks for the other survivors that they can complete in the meantime. That way, you're accomplishing small chores while waiting for the larger one to complete, and wasting less time.

The survivors you control have skills in four different areas: exploration, foraging, building, and fighting. The tasks you'll assign them to are related to those same areas, so it makes sense to assign a survivor to a particular task who possesses a natural aptitude for that task. That aptitude will allow the job to be performed more efficiently, filling progress bars more quickly and freeing you up to do more things with your time.

Explore new locations as this is the only way you will find supplies early in the game and new items whenever. You will also find new structures to build but remember that exploring will cost you!

There is safety in numbers so remember that when you start planning for an expedition and send out groups, not individuals.

If you're not in a position to win the fight - just run, as the animals will be there waiting for you.

Don't overlook previously explored areas as you might find valuable resources while revisiting them.

Gems are the game's currency and as in most gams like this watch where you spend them. complete the in-game achievements and you'll earn them. Or buy them at the store. To earn them for FREE by watching video ads. You can watch 10 video ads per day for some gem.

Use gems for picking up survivors before anything else. The more you have them faster you'll build your island.

Each of the buildings that you make has it's own purpose. Thew main you will be needing from the very beginning are: bonfire, which lets you gain access to other building types, water cisterns, they improve skill bonuses and tents and shelter to store the various supplies.

Add foragers near your fishing spot to generate food quicker than usual.

The survivors you control have skills in four different areas: exploration, foraging, building, and fighting. The tasks you'll assign them to should related to those same areas so you don't waste time.

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